How to Evaluate Information Found Online

Test your Online Verification Skills by taking the Should You Share It? Quiz


Mike Caulfield, developer of SIFT, explains the importance of knowing how to verify information online.


  • Check your emotions

  • Practice click restraint

  • Do you recognize this source?

INVESTIGATE the source

  • What is the source's expertise, agenda?

  • Use lateral reading skills to determine this

  • Use the "Wikipedia trick"

FIND trusted Coverage

  • Do some lateral reading

  • Compare information across different sources

  • Is there a consensus?

TRACE claims, quotes, and media back to the original context.

  • What's the original context?

  • Find the original story

  • Reverse Image Search

From Mike Caulfield's SIFT (Four Moves) with modifications, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.