NoodleTools Tutorials

To access NoodleTools, locate the app in your @apps account

  • Update profile if prompted (make sure it says South Windsor High School)

  • Follow the prompts if you're creating an account for the 1st time

*If you're brought to, make sure to log in with Google with your @apps account

Citing Free Web Sources:

Use this for ALL information found on the free web unless it's an image or video.

Citing Database Sources:

Those with an asterisk * have an export feature

Citing researchIT CT Databases:

Important: Most of the researchIT CT databases now have an export feature. However, there are still many errors. Use this feature with caution or enter the sources manually.

Other Sources:

NOT a Reference Source
Use for Magill's Medical Guide, Salem Health, etc. Sources that are NOT meant to be read cover to cover.

Not seeing a tutorial for a specific source? Please email Mrs. McCool.