Senior Capstone Experience

Class of 2019

Attention Seniors: Here is the schedule for presentations on Tuesday. Questions or concerns please contact Mr. Richards and Ms. Walsh.

Do not forget to bring the Check In / Check Out form on the day of the presentation filled out by your adviser.

Student Nov 6 2018- 2019 Capstone Adviser student Master List

Attention Seniors: Seniors planning to present on Nov 6th you must follow the steps listed below to be eligible.

1) Turn in all written work to your adviser by 10/23/2018.

2) Receive a grade of successful or higher on all assignments. (The presentation does not have to be done by 10/23/2018 because it will be graded on Nov 6th.)

3) Have your adviser fill out the Check In and Check Out form to bring on Nov 6th. (required - Don't forget it!)

Link to Check IN / Check Out form

3) Sign up to present using the following google form link.

Google form to sign up for Presentation

4) Create your presentation - Don't forget to bring your artifacts and evidence to show during the presentation.

Hint: Use the template provided to create your presentation. Show the presentation to your adviser for feedback prior to Nov 6th. Your adviser has been on panels that scored these Capstone Projects and can be very helpful offering direct feedback. Reference the rubric to be sure that you have all the components required.

Capstone Presentation Template

Presentation Rubric

5) Check back at the end of next week to see the presentation slot that you have been assigned for Nov 6th.

What is a Capstone?

The Capstone is a culminating project that provides a way for students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquired during their secondary school years of education. High school students are asked to demonstrate their ability to apply key knowledge and skills by planning, completing and presenting a culminating project linked to one or more areas of personal interest.