IB Biology HL Review Central!

*Remember, you have ONE opportunity to REDO for each HW and Checker if you are not happy with your score. You must fill out a REQUEST for REDO


  • 40% of your 4th quarter grade
  • Must be done in your own handwriting - no cut and paste
  • Must show evidence of FILTERING material - I need to see that you went over it, and show that you identified your weak points to study.
  • MUST be organized as per MsChien's standards - topics clearly labeled, placed neatly in the tabs of the folder she gave you.
  • Must be at least 2 pages (1 sided)
  • FINAL of it is due on 4/27. There are no extensions since it would defeat the purpose of the Cheat Book.

IB BIOLOGY (Class of 2017): Schedule of Events

MsChien's Help Hours

4/10 - 4/12 (Mon - Wed): 3:30 - 5

4/24 - 4/28 (Mon-Fri): 3:30 - 5


4/17- 4/19, 4/21 (Mon - Wed, Fri): 10 - 3


4/27 (Thurs): Cheat Books Last Day of Inspection

4/28 (Fri): Last Day of all HW and Checker submission

IB Biology HL External Examination

May 1st (Mon): PM, Papers 1 and 2

May 2nd (Tues): AM, Paper 3