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Current Volume Info:

  • Vol. Number: 82

  • Publisher: Balfour Taylor

  • Adviser: Jack Holmes

  • Contact:

  • 2021-22 Project Number is:


Vol 82 YB Editor Team

  • Editor-in-Chief: Noah Devoux

  • Managing Editor: Carter Miller

  • Copy Editor: Emma Unger

  • Design/Layout Editor: Leif Gabbard

  • Photo Editors: Lucas Burch and Addison Jackson

  • Index/Names Editor and Social Media Editor: Syd Wasteney

  • Sports Section Editor: Avery Altig

  • Senior Section Editor: Bella Morales

Buy Your 2022 Yearbook!

Fall Sales: August 4th - September 10th: $50

Winter Sales Window: January 10th - 28th: $50

Spring Sales Start: May 23rd - End of School Year: $60

Yearbook Sales

In Person: At the BHS Cashier's Office

Online Payments: Through Touchbase - NSD Online Payments

Seniors Portraits

First Deadline: 11/19/21

FINAL Deadline: 12/3/21

Final Check!

Seniors will receive a confirmation email from BHS Yearbook before Winter Break with a final notification we have your Senior Portrait for the yearbook.

Please note: If you don't submit a Senior picture, we will use your ASB picture taken by Dorian on your Student ID card at the Back to School Event

If you don't submit a picture or didn't take a Student ID picture, you will be listed as Not Pictured at the end of the Senior Section

Tips and tricks

Finding the email:

Parents should have received an email (see below) for your Senior. If you do not receive an email from Balfour, please email

Dates Sent:

Look for, check your spam/junk accounts, email address: or Check out this handy guide!

Subject line: Bothell Senior Portraits; BHS Senior Portraits

Submitting the Photo:

It may appear blurry after submitting, that is okay, it will capture at the resolution we need.

Please hit the submit button!

You should have a confirmation button that it has been submitted. If the image is over 5MB it may not upload correctly due to the size limit.

If EZ Pix doesn't work for you or you didn't receive an email from Balfour, please send portrait to

It's time to submit your Senior's yearbook photo!

The Bothell High School Yearbook Staff is committed to telling the story of the 2021-2022 school year, and it wouldn't be complete without your senior's photo! We've teamed up with Balfour to provide an easy way to submit your portrait for inclusion in the yearbook. Follow your personalized link below to get started.

Student's Name:

Personal Upload Link: Should be a unique link for your student....


Why am I being asked to submit a portrait photo?

Seniors often prefer to submit a personalized Senior Portrait. This easy tool helps you upload, crop and submit a picture of your student directly to the yearbook staff. If you would rather we use the ASB photo in the yearbook you do not need to submit an image. Submission deadlines are November 19th, 2021 and December 3rd, 2021.

What tips should I consider before submitting my portrait?

We're looking for a simple, classic headshot image of your student. The best photos are those with neutral, simple backgrounds with space above the head and shoulders for ample cropping. Ideal images are those taken in a vertical manner with no other people or props in the photo. Be sure your photo meets all school dress code guidelines for inclusion in the book.


-Bothell High School Yearbook Staff

P.S. - We put together this handy guide to walk through the steps for submitting your student's photo.

Senior Ads (Tributes)

First Deadline: December 17th, 2021

Second Deadline: January 30th, 2022

Video Walk Thru

BHS AD Flyer 2021.pdf

Ad Pricing

add $1 for transaction fee