IHS Clubs

Get involved in the IHS community and join one of our 40 clubs (and still counting) or create your own!

Complete List of IHS Clubs!

2020- 2021 Club Info

Want to start a new club?

1) Find an Advisor- Let ASB know if you need help!

2) Complete Club Initial Application and email it to ekowalski@nsd.org

3) Present Club to ASB Exec (ASB will reach out to you to arrange a meeting time)

4) Receive club approval from ASB Exec and Teacher Committee

5) Complete Club Constitution- Club Constitution Resources

6) Present club at ASB Senate and receive a majority approval by ASB Senators.


Contact ekowalski@nsd.org

Don't worry if you miss a club information session!

Watch recorded club information sessions below and contact club advisor's with any questions.

Recorded Club Information Sessions:

Additional Club Promotion Videos:

Common Interest Groups:

In response to virtual learning ASB is introducing Common Interest Groups where students can meet regularly over zoom to discuss and develop common interests.

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How to start a Common Interest Group:

  1. Find a shared interest (origami, books, video games)

  2. Find an advisor (we can help you out, but please note teachers are very busy)

  3. Complete this google form

  4. Promote: GMI, ASB Instagram, Website

  5. Meet!

Current Common Interest Groups:

  • Magic: The Gathering: Contact Ms. Parrot (jparrott2nsd.org) to join or learn more

  • NYSE (New York Stock Exchange): Contact Mr. Bill (bhomann@nsd.org) to join or learn more