Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District

Student Information System

This site is designed to provide a basic overview to our community, staff, and students as MSBSD migrates to a new student information system.

Below you will find key information on the project, however as we progress through the project more specific information will be communicated to principals for them to share with stakeholders.

MSBSD is making this change to better support education in the district for students. Our current system, SchoolMax, has become static and its functionality will not improve in the future with further developments. MSBSD requires a new modern SIS which will be responsive and evolving with the changing needs of K-12 Education. Many new systems use current technology, integrating features that once existed elsewhere. Transitioning to Synergy will allow MSBSD to focus on quality instruction, a user-friendly, improve efficiencies, and optimize costs while we continue to prepare all students for success.

For a more detailed review of how we selected this Education Platform, please read the Edupoint Spotlight on MSBSD.

For a high level cross walk on what systems are being replaced, please check out this info graphic.

We understand this is a significant change for staff & families of the Mat-Su and sincerely appreciate your patience & understanding through this process.

Updated November '18

Product Platform Introduction


Fall 2018

We had a project Kickoff in September to being the project. Immediately after, we began project planning. At this point initial installation and data conversion planning also began.

Winter 2019

Core team training has been underway and initial application setup for the various system modules has begun.

Spring 2019

System setup continues and Training for District Trainers will begin. Data conversion and verification will be nearing the final stages.

Summer 2019

Final data migrations and verification will occur to prepare for the July 8, Go Live. Training will expand to all staff before the opening of school.

Fall 2019

Additional modules will be implemented and training provided to staff.


Go Mobile!

Synergy supports fantastic iOS and Android apps to free you from your desk! Whether it's grading, taking attendance, or looking up a student's academic history- enjoy using one of Synergy's many great apps, each designed for your role/job within the district.

App store icon

TeacherVUE App

"The TeacherVUE Mobile application enables teachers to take attendance, create assignments and enter scores, submit discipline incident referrals, view student demographic information and more."

AdminVUE App

"AdminVUE enables users to scan student IDs to quickly access student records, mark students tardy, print hall passes (with a portable printer) and record discipline issues."

ParentVUE & StudentVUE

The Synergy ParentVUE and StudentVUE portals give parents and students unprecedented web and mobile access to grades, assignments, and communication with teachers.

Special EdVue App

The SE VUE Mobile application provides access to a user’s full portfolio view, current and historical documents including the IEP and BIP, and complete team information.

Google Icon

Well Designed

Synergy allows you to either use their Learning Management System or Google Classroom. Pick the tool that works best for you and know that you will not have to worry about double entry! Click here for more information.

Anytime Anywhere

Check your student's grades, make course requests, and communicate with teachers from convienence of your Smart Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the name of the new Student Information System (SIS)?

A: The new SIS is called Synergy by Edupoint. You can learn more at their website here.

Q: Who will this impact in the district?

A: Short answer, everyone! Teachers, nurses, parents, students, and more.... Synergy is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, mobile friendly platform.

Q: As a parent what will change for me?

A: The immediate changes will be that in June 2019, parents will not be able to register students. With the transition to this new system this will be delayed until we Go Live with Synergy on July 8, 2019. At this point you will be able to register your student(s) online. This will be the only year this delay is occurring, however we will have additional changes with registration. In addition to this, parents will be getting new accounts to access the online system ParentVue and more details about this will be coming in the spring/summer.

Q: What current systems does this replace?

A: This replaces the current SchoolMax SIS which includes a number of modules. Click here to view the Edupoint Flyer that shows the transition. (Add link to SIS Transition Flyer)

Q: How was Edupoint Synergy selected?

A: MSBSD developed a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Student Information System. This RFP outlined extensive requirements, both functional (instructional and school needs) and non-functional (back-end). Multiple responses were received and a two-phase evaluation process began. MSBSD followed a two-phase scoring process to evaluate bids. In the first phase, the Evaluation Committee scored each bid against the requirements laid out in the RFP. For the second phase of scoring, three vendors were invited to give two-day product demos to the Evaluation Committee and a larger focus group of subject matter experts representing a variety of user roles at the elementary, middle, and high school level. The focus group, which consisted of teachers and principals as well as counseling, nursing, disciplinary, and special education staff, was recruited to ask questions from areas outside the expertise of Evaluation Committee members. The goal was to glean crucial insights into the solutions’ abilities to meet the broad needs of a diverse group of end users. After the demos, the Evaluation Team scored each solution based on the product review and cost proposal and selected the highest-scoring solution: Edupoint’s Synergy Education Platform.

Q: Why should I be excited?

A: Besides the fact that we're really excited to be partnering with Edupoint and building a partnership for long-term success, this new system provides a modern and responsive user experience, it's beyond a 21'st century product. Synergy is easy to use and flexible enough to scale and grow with MSBSD as our needs evolve.