Pioneer Peak Elementary

About me...

I was born in Palmer Alaska and met my husband of 20 years in college.  We have two teenage children my daughter is a Colony High grad who is now at Mat-Su College and my son is a sophomore at Colony High.  


I have been a nurse since 2016 working at Providence and Mat-Su Regional prior to school nursing.  I worked in Med-Surg, Float Pool, Pediatrics and Mother Baby prior to starting at Pioneer Peak.  I have a passion for Pediatrics and working with children.

Commonly needed forms 

Religious Exemption  good for 1 year must be dated after July 1 of current school year and notarized

Medical Exemption good indefinitely filled out by physician

Medication Authorization for meds kept and administered at school bring in meds with original prescription labels on them, form is filled out by physician.  Requires a parent signature

Activity Restriction we can only excuse Gym for 3 days as it is a graded subject.  If it will be over 3 days please have a physician fill out this form.  This form is designed to potentially allow some safe activity for children other wise they sit and cannot participate

Seizure Action Plan for kids who have seizures and/or need to keep emergency meds at school.  This does require some parent input and a physician signature

Allergy/Anaphylaxis Action Plan for kids with needed meds for allergies or epi pens kept at school.  This requires a physician signature and a parent signature

Diabetes Care Plan form for those children with Diabetes so we are able to follow providers plan.  Requires a parent signature and a physician signature along with emergency supplies for school

Meal Accommodations for those who have physician documented allergies this will allow for our cafeteria to prepare special meals

Current school Illness protocols

At this time we do not have requirements for COVID testing.  It is recommended to be tested if exposed or showing symptoms.  

Students must stay home if...