Student Expectations

What is PAWS?

PAWS is an acronym that stands for Prepared, Accountable, Wise Choices, and Safe. The entire Palmer Lake staff met before the 2011-2012 school year began and brainstormed ideas that would capture a school wide approach to behavioral expectations, a umbrella under which we could articulate all our expectations for both students and staff.

Catching On

The Palmer Lake mascot is a panther and what do panthers have? They have paws. PAWS seemed to be a natural fit and the phrase "Respect the PAWS" has caught on and now you can see PAWS appearing on posters, shirts, and student artwork. There already was a great deal of Panther Pride and PAWS only enhances this, giving people examples of what this should actually look like.

A Foundation

More than a catchy tool, PAWS gives our school community a very real foundation on which everyone can build the vision for Palmer Lake. Defining and articulating what Prepared, Accountable, Wise Choices and Safe look like in every possible setting gives everyone a specific and consistent message. PAWS gets everyone on the same page and helps everyone know how we do business at Palmer Lake.