Cedar Park's Coding Sites & Apps

Try out these free Coding LINKS to learn the basics of computer programming:

1. Hour of Code (free choice!) all ages

2. Hour of Code Studio (basic to advanced) all ages

3. Kodable or Pixel the Puppy! or Emoji Website (all ages)

4. LightBot (all ages)

5. Scratch or try Turtorials: My Heritage or Google logo

6. TouchDevelop Game Fix: use Collab email to make account (3rd gr & up)

7. HTML/CSS Web Editor (4th gr. & up)

8. Python Trinket (3rd grade & up)

9. Code Academy: Java lessons (4th grade & up)

10. Coding with Khan Academy (login with Coolab/Google account)

*Try out an UNPLUGGED CODING Activity!

Micro:bit Coding Site

Find a cool project to make!

Coding adventure around the world! Use our school code to join!

Download these free Coding APPS (iOS & Android) at home to learn the basics of computer programming:



The Foos



Scratch Jr.

*Hey teachers! ... These apps above are available on our school iPad Check-out Carts

Click image to start BITSBOX coding

Mike Staum / mike.staum@district196.org / @CPtechclass / Technology Specialist / Cedar Park STEM School