What is it?

Any time you use someone else's work without giving them credit.

Why shouldn't you plagiarize?

It's basically lying and sometimes is considered cheating. That might result in you getting a low grade, or other serious consequences

How do you avoid plagiarism?

Do your own work, and give credit to others when you use their work, by including citations.

Citation Generators

Other questions:

Which format?

MLA (8 or whatever is the highest number available)

What is a URL?

A website's address at the top of the page. Usually starts with" www."


What is an ISBN?

International Standard Book Number, used to look up print books. You can find it on the back of the book or on the copyright page.

What is Print?

A book, or other material that is published on paper.

What about a database?

Just copy and paste the citation from the bottom of the article. Or click the button that says "Cite" or "Citation Tools" and copy and paste the citation. (The whole thing!)