District 196 Copyright Guidelines

A helpful guide for acceptable use of copyrighted material

This website is intended to serve as a helpful guide for the acceptable use of copyrighted materials within the District 196 learning environment. General information about copyright law and Fair Use can be found by clicking on “Defining Copyright.” If you have a question about the acceptable use of a certain type of media, click on the applicable link under “Types of Copyrighted Materials.” This website does not cover every copyright issue staff or students may encounter. When in doubt about the acceptable use of copyrighted materials in the school setting, please consult with a media specialist or the School District’s attorney.

This guide does not offer legal advice

This website does not offer legal advice and does not supersede federal copyright laws or District 196’s policies and regulations prohibiting unacceptable uses of copyrighted materials. Students and staff remain responsible at all times for complying with federal copyright laws and District 196’s copyright policies and regulations.

We do not endorse non-district websites

District 196 does not endorse any of the non-district websites linked or referenced in this guide or any material(s)/search results featured on those websites. It is possible some of the websites contain and/or do not filter school-inappropriate search results. As always, use caution when searching for resources on any website on the internet, take appropriate steps to filter out explicit results and only use school-appropriate materials.