read the description below to learn more information about each club!

3D Print & Design Club

The club will explore designing and printing objects with 3D printers.

Sponsor: Madorin

Meets: 2nd Reconnect weekly

Requirements: Open to anyone


Sponsor: Calligan

Meets: TBA


Band Sectional 

Sponsor:  Mr. Adams

Meets: As Needed

Requirments:  Invitation only

BETA Club 

Community service and leadership 

Sponsor: Hardeman & Loy

Meets: 2nd Reconnect

Requirements: Invitation only

Chorus Rehearsal  

Sponsor: Price

Meets: Each Reconnect Period by invitation

Requirements: Invitation only


DECA is a student organization (CTSO) that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. 

Sponsor: Fant

Meets: TBA

Requirements: Open to anyone

Drama Club

If you are interested in Theatre come on down! We support productions at CCHS, plan trips to local live theatre, explore new plays and musicals, put on our own short productions, play improv games and generally embrace the weird in each and every one. Meetings are held in the Theatre.

Sponsor: Coley

Meets: 1st Period Reconnect
Requirements: Open to anyone


FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. 

Sponsor: Graham

Meets: 1st Period Reconnect twice monthly

Requirements: Open to anyone


“A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.” With the influence of a coach, FCA recognizes the most strategic way to reach more athletes is to first reach the coach."

Sponsor: R. King

Meets: 3rd Reconnect weekly in room 79

Requirements: Open to anyone


Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation. For our chapter this school year, a couple of our goals include encouraging individual and group involvement in helping achieve global cooperation and harmony, along with providing opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life. 

Sponsor: Hill

Meets: 2nd Monday of each month

Requirements: Must have taken at least one FACS class.


CTSO that is built into the Ag program. Its purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing the potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agriculture education.

Sponsor: Parker &

Meets:1st Reconnect Monthly in room 166

Requirements: Open to anyone

Graduation Committee

Sponsor: Moody

Meets: TBA

Requirements: Open to any Senior


HOSA is a club that any CCHS student can join, but it is primarily focused on students who wish to pursue a career in healthcare. Our purpose is community service and to bring awareness to health issues that CCHS students may face. 

Sponsor: Townley & Jones

Meets: After school meetings on specified days

Requirements: Paid Members

Mu Alpha Theta

National Math Honors Society 

Sponsor: Freeman & Heath

Meets: 3rd Reconnect when needed

Requirements: Open to anyone who meets Math GPA requirements 

National Art Honor Society

As a club, we constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to implement art into our everyday lives through on-site events, large scale projects, community service , and more. As an honors society, we always welcome members who are skilled at or interested in the visual arts. 

Sponsor: Moore

Meets: 2nd Reconnect every other week in Room 147

Requirements: Invitation Only

National Honor Society

NHS elevates a school's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. 

Sponsor: Combs

Meets: TBA

Requirements:  Invitation only

National Technical Honor Society

Is an educational non-profit that exists to honor, recognize, and empower students and teachers in Career & Technical Education. As the honor society for Career & Technical Education, NTHS serves over 100,000 active members annually in both secondary and postsecondary chapters across country. NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides close to $300,000 in scholarships annually, and strives to help connect education and industry to build a highly skilled workforce. 

Sponsor: Parlier

Meets: TBA

Requirements: Invitation Only

Orchestra Sectionals

Sponsor: Landsperger

Meets: TBA

Requirements: Invitation only

Philosophy Club

A club dedicated to engaging in the idea of philosophy to stimulate deep thinking, improve reasoning, and better develop their skills. 




Skills USA

Carpentry and Masonry students interested in the Trade Industry 

Sponsor: Hartsell

Meets: TBA

Requirements: Open to anyone

Speech & Debate Club

Sponsor: Coley

This club helps to train and prepare you to properly give a speech or to debate others. There will be opportunities to present these speeches at tournaments that take place at various schools over certain weekends. If you'd like to be a part of the club but not participate in tournaments that is also an option, we would just love to have you there improving your speaking skills! Meetings are held in the Theatre.
Meets: 1st Period Reconnect 

Requirements: Open to anyone

Student Council

Sponsor: Campbell & Brosahan

Meets: 2nd Reconnect

Requirements: Invitation only

Yoga Club

Sponsor: Homiller

Meets: 1st Reconnect on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month

Requirements: Open to anyone