The FightAsianHate.org Coalition believes that everyone plays a role in creating and shaping their shared reality. Individuals and community groups advocate. Public officials and their agencies legislate. Everyone together must collaborate to build a safe and healthy society.


  1. Take a Stand by enacting federal, state, county, city, and school district legislation and resolutions to fight Asian hate.

  2. Meet with AAPIs to learn about their fears and needs. See stories of everyday encounters with hate.

  3. Encourage Reporting of incidences to law enforcement and community-based organizations.

  4. Increase Safety particularly at locations where AAPI congregate, including at anti-hate protests.

  5. Pursue Justice for acts of bigotry and hate--including intimidation, harassment, vandalism and violence.

  6. Empower the Community through sponsoring government- and community-initiated bystander intervention training.

  7. Coordinate and convene interagency meetings for updates, coordination, and reporting related to fighting Asian hate and providing public safety and community services.

  8. Support Victims, providing primary language assistance if needed.

  9. Provide Training on cultural sensitivity and implicit bias to government staff and law enforcement.

  10. Invest in Education, including ethnic studies curricula and training for students and community to address stereotyping and scapegoating.


Asian Law Alliance

  • report hate crimes

  • follow justice movements

  • relevant political news


  • report hate crimes

  • hate crime toolkits

Stop AAPI Hate

  • report hate incidents

  • analysis

  • hate in the news

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

  • report hate incidents

  • read stories of hate

  • response resources

Committee of 100

  • Seven point plan to combat violence


  • bystander intervention training

  • conflict de-escalation training

  • responding to and preventing harassment training

  • resilience training

Mental Health Resources

Office of Otto Lee

  • bystander training video, in collaboration with Assemblymember Alex Lee and Santa Clara Councilmembers Kevin Park, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain. With presentation by the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Solidarity Stories

  • videos and discussion guides for learning history and experiences, generating discussion, and starting solidarity practices