AOS98 Employment

Boothbay and Boothbay CSD * Edgecomb Eddy School * Southport Central School * Georgetown Central School

Thank you for your interest in employment at AOS98 schools.

You will be awed by our great team of professionals who are focused on providing the best education possible for our learners.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, we would like you to consider ‘coming aboard’.

As of 1/13/21

The minimum acceptable level of education for both Ed Techs and Teachers is a high school diploma. All substitutes must have appropriate background checks completed and all mandatory training requirements finished before they will be added to the substitute list.

$130 sub for teacher (less than Bachelor’s degree)

$130 sub for Ed Tech (regardless of degree)

$150 per day for Bachelor’s degree or higher/certified teacher subbing for teacher

Please note: All candidates, including internal applicants, must complete the appropriate application for the open position.

Superintendent of Schools Application 2021


Teacher/Admin Application

Ed Tech II or III Application

Substitute Teacher Application

Support Staff Application

Volunteer Application

Please print an application and mail to

AOS98 Schools

51 Emery Lane

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

or scan your application packet (a single PDF is preferred) to

Maine Department of Education

All staff must be fingerprinted prior to employment with AOS98. Fingerprinting

CHRC expiration/renewal information.

1) As long as a teacher holds valid certification in Maine for five or more consecutive years, s/he does not have to be re-fingerprinted.

2) If a teacher comes from another district, as long as our district reports their employment to DOE and renews their certification (when expired) that teacher does not have to be re-fingerprinted.

3) If there is a lapse in certification ( six month or more with no certification), even if the teacher is still employed by the district, s/he does have to be re-fingerprinted.

4) If teacher or administrators still have questions, call the DOE at 624-6600 to discuss individual situations.

All staff must create an MEIS account for certification through Maine DOE

Target Solutions Training- must be completed upon hire

All of our open positions are posted on Serving Schools.

If you have any questions about employment at AOS98 you may contact:

AOS98 Central Office

51 Emery Lane

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538