Start Over Information

Start Over

Fact Sheet for Families:

  • NOT a bad thing
  • Designed to be used by everyone - every child will most likely receive one at some point
  • Is a strategy to help children learn and practice self-control
  • Helps to maintain clear limits while preserving the flow of the class
  • Creates an environment that is safe, orderly, and favorable for learning
  • Is generally brief, but is dependent on how long it takes a child to calm down and refocus (Sometimes the child can rejoin the group on his/her own, while other times he/she will need to wait for an invitation from the teacher.)
  • Should be used at the first sign of a disturbance
  • Does not fix challenging behavior

Note: If a Start Over is not helping a child focus and calm down in his/her own classroom, he/she may be asked to complete a Buddy Start Over in a neighboring classroom.