BOLD Parenting

Talks & tools for the journey of parenting a struggling teen from the TWO TENTS Team.

Designed to be helpful for adolescents and their parents struggling with School Avoidance, Suicidal Ideation, Self-harm, Depression, Low Motivation, Social or General Anxiety, Phobias or Perfectionism.

An overview of and insight into the symptoms and struggles that people with anxiety deal with on a daily basis. While this is not an all-encompassing explanation of anxiety, it will hopefully give you a better understanding of your child's mental state.

Coping Skills should be used day-to-day to Feel your Feelings and Address the Problems.

Crisis Survival Skills should be used to Take a Break (focus AWAY) rather than getting stuck in an emotional crisis.

A guide and downloadable tools designed to help your family understand the process of PSYCHOPHARMACHOLOGY (using medications to help brains work) and what you need to do to make it work for you.

Typical vs. Problem Behaviors.pdf

Typical vs. Problem Behaviors & Adolescent Developmental Tasks

BOLD Living Assessment.pdf

Brief Assessment Tool

TWO TENTS Overview Packet.pdf


Understand how a biological predisposition (filter) to emotional dysregulation and an invalidating social environment create a social filter that now distorts all interactions, including loving, validating interactions and turns anxiety / depression into a self-loathing (shame) cycle.

Contains Graphic Christianity

Resources for those who already believe and for those recognizing their need is greater than evidence-based practices can meet.

Parenting based on what’s important to you

Using value clarification & mindful actions skills to increase self-awareness, growth mindset & responsibility while decreasing self-dysregulation and family conflict.

Finding new ways to interact with the world

Using Interpersonal Effectiveness skills to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals & groups being aware while setting boundaries, and saying "No" appropriately.

Creating a “Pause” between Thought & Action

Using Wise Mind and emotion regulation skills to increase positive emotions while effectively coping with anger, fear, share, sadness and decrease interpersonal chaos.

Understanding & training your child’s inner voice

Using flexible thinking, diffusion and distress tolerance skills to increase self-management and problem solving while decreasing behavioral and cognitive dysregulation.

When individual therapy isn't enough or to avoid / step down from hospitalization our intensive program provides a great opportunity to learn skills and decide on what big changes need to be made individually and as a family to move forward more effectively.

Raising children who are struggling is hard. Come talk with other parents on the journey.

Includes a curated Resource List of individual, group, residential and psychiatric services that The Anxiety Center at Renew refers to.

Jason Bohn, LPC

Clinical Director, AdolescentsThe Anxiety Center @ Renew Counseling

Two Tents Clinical Director Bio

I’m a GenX, postmodern, question everything person who happens to be blessed with parents who took in orphans, prayed for food, answered their callings and sacrificed so their children knew they were loved. That mix created an irreverent soul that cares deeply for children, families and especially adolescents.

I have close to thirty years of experience working with and for children, youth and families catalyzing change at the individual, family, organizational and systems levels. With a Masters in clinical psychology, I have provided crisis management, intensive in-home therapy and wrap-around services for children with emotional and behavioral challenges. I have 20+ years’ working or volunteering with youth and young adults through youth ministry and community programs. In partnership with North Kansas City Hospital co-created the Quarky app to connect Kansas City 14-24-year-olds to articles, events and resources focused on mental health and well-being. Currently, I developed and direct the Two Tents Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adolescents struggling with anxiety/depression. We are building strong partnerships with our area school districts and I am an invited speaker on Anxiety, Grit and Parenting. These opportunities have made me innovative, practical and taught me to think about enhancing the whole safety net surrounding at-risk children, youth and families.

I have a wonderful wife, Kori, who founded and runs the Renew Counseling Center in Olathe, a beautiful 10-year-old little girl, Nora, twin boys (Grayson who is four and Jude who went to heaven way too early) and have recently adopted two foster siblings (5 & 3) Chandler and Milla into our home.

Willing to Present, Consult, Train or just be a Resource for Parents, Schools, Churches and Teens.

Two Tents Program & materials

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Voices of You is a free collection of 11 short videos that address common points of distress among young people today. In each video, a young person shares their own experience with a challenge as well as strategies they use to find more meaning and joy in life, despite the hard stuff.

By sharing these quick clips with the young people in our lives and work, we can help them see that they aren’t alone and provide them with simple self-interventions for building resilience and vitality in their lives.

This project is a collaboration between a team of young volunteers, Praxis Continuing Education and Training, and Dr. Louise Hayes and Dr. Joe Ciarrochi. Dr. Hayes and Dr. Ciarrochi are the founders of DNA-V, an intuitive therapeutic model for applying acceptance, mindfulness, and positive psychology principles with young people, and the authors of The Thriving Adolescent and Your Life Your Way. You can find out more about DNA-V at DNA-V International.