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Shared governance

Community Government helps to maintain a context within which individuals learn both to make responsible use of those opportunities for self-expression and self-development that the community provides and to honor their consequent obligation to the community and its members. So educated, they may be better motivated and equipped for effective membership in any other community of their subsequent choice. For these purposes to be best satisfied, any governmental structure should pursue the following guiding principles:

  • Accessibility, to allow every capable and willing person to participate, no matter one’s institutional connection. position, or social outlook.

  • Transparency, which requires those with the capacity to create policy, or to prevent the policy from being enacted, explain their methods and reasons for doing so.

  • Sustainability, which provides for adherence to ideas present at the structure’s inception, while allowing adjustment to changing circumstances.

Office of the President

Jane Fernandes



Anita Brown

Executive Assistant to the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees


Location: 412 South Hall

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