It's now five years ago went online. Back in October 2012 more than a hundred people donated, more than a thousand liked us and all where part of a barnstorming start.

But, due to a ton of reasons, never made it out of the state of a prototype. It never became more than a cool idea, the community necessary to push it forward never emerged. Due to a ton of reasons.

In the light of evolving source codes, cloud computing, GDPR and only few activities ever started, closes its tiny door. But never forget, it was all about


Hey, don't be sad! There are so many other great HEMA initiatives out there. Like the International Federation for Historical European Martial Arts and its multinational member organisations around the globe. Get in contact with them, they will help you to find great events, world class researchers, instructors and fighters. And maybe even give you a hint where to find accommodation. Just saying!


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