About Us!

Ann Arbor Masters Swimming (A2MS), the original masters swimming team in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been in existence for over 30 years.. Our stellar Coach Don Swalwell is a U.S. Masters Swimming Certified Level II Coach and former Eastern Michigan University swimmer. Coach Don has led the team forever and works toward advancing the health and wellness of all swimmers. The A2MS workout group consists of every level of swimmer from beginners to college-level  and we welcome all. Coach Don will work with swimmers on their competitive journey through stroke development, improvement, and strength. Our team community is unsurpassed with members branching out to group triathlons and/or lake swims; national USMS and State Michigan Masters swimming meets; swim meet road trips; community service; horse-farm bonfires and get-togethers. We welcome everyone to the pool! 

September - May

Whitmore Lake High School Community Pool

7430 Whitmore Lake Road

Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

(2) Sessions

M - F 5:00 - 6:00AM & 6:00 - 7:00AM 

June (Memorial Day) – September (Labor Day)

Georgetown Country Club (GTCC)

1365 King George Boulevard

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

M - F 5:30 – 7:00AM

Our Coach

Don Swalwell has coached the Ann Arbor Masters Swimming since inception. That’s an awesome run and we as a team have benefited from his incredible history and experience in swimming. Don swam for Eastern Michigan University and is a designated USMS Masters Level II coach. Coach Don has prepared the team for wins at State and national competitions and he has also won individual awards in the 50 & 100 free; the MI-Masters and national USMS Coach of the Year award. Coach Don welcomes everyone. We are appreciative of his expertise. 


Everyone planning to swim with Ann Arbor Masters Swimming (A2MS) needs the following:

Ann Arbor Masters Swimming, Inc. is a 501(c)(7) non-profit entity.

Ann Arbor Masters Swimming (A2MS)

2018 USMS Nationals, Indianapolis, IN - GO ANN ARBOR MASTERS SWIMMING!

2023 Michigan Masters State Meet, Holland, MI. Small Team Women 2nd PL. Small Team Men 3rd PL. GO ANN ARBOR MASTERS SWIMMING!

Award winning USMS 800 Freestyle Relay - Ann Arbor Masters Swimmers: from left, Ryan, TODD MERCER, Nick & Sean

Award winners portray the forever qualities of Todd and then some, offering kindness, compassion and expertise to all with a very wide smile saying “Only one more."

Tassos Valtadoros, 2023 Todd Mercer Award 

Sophie Stepke, 2023 Todd Mercer Award 

April Wyncott, 2022 Dorothy Donnelly Service Award, US Masters Swimming

A2MS: fish out of water

WHLS: Early, early morn

GTCC: soon summer

USMS Volunteer 2/2024:    A2MS April!

2023 Picnic!

Coach Don & Sophie

Let's eat!

GTCC Early


Post Practice Coffee

2022 Picnic!

Sophie, 2022 Todd Mercer Award

Coach Don & A2MS Family

2019 State Meet

2020 Coffee

2020 WLHS