This website is a work of speculative fiction. Built as part of Stuart Candy's Spring 2021 Experiential Futures course at CMU.


We’re putting an end to Black Box Government.

We are the people who hold government and technology companies accountable for their impact. There is an amazing community of people working to make sure we hear everyones voice and channel that into the policies that we see on senate floor. We help them do that work. We take care of the technical infrastructure, the legal challenges, and the growing pains.

At Wikipolicy, we believe when more people can influence and contribute to government and policy change, the better those policies reflect the world. This year, the advent of causal discovery AI (Artificial Intelligence) effected a policy creation process through the lanch of SIMONE, an AI that centers the voices of communities rather than individuals with influence. Using casual inference SIMONE builds a policies based off direct participation from people by gathering data directly from the people and translating it into policy for lawmakers.


We audit the implentation and outcome to ensure an open democracy.

But it's still too early to celebrate. Our group is committed to providing transparency and holding accountable the coalition of technology companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) and government entities who launched SIMONE.

We will conduct annual audits to identify bias and outside influence to ensure that appropriate action is taken to secure a process that prioritizes community needs.

This report includes a full breakdown by quarter:

Quarter One


  • Trust-building between public and technology companies

  • Trust-building between public and private sectors

Quarter Two

Community Engagement

  • Building grassroots network to inform politics

Quarter Three

Causal Discovery AI Roll-out

  • Make changes to policy-making processes

Quarter Four

Adaptive Policy Making Roll-out

  • Build out the causal discovery AI and adaptive participatory policy-making processes

Our report for 2032 is now available to read.

Help us unlock the power of the participatory democracy.

Get involved in a mutual aid chapter near you. As an open source project, Wikipolicy depends on your voice to make sure your issues are making it into policy.