congestion control evaluation survey

what is this?

This is a survey for a research project in the computer science department at Carnegie Mellon University.

The project seeks to build an open-source testbed to evaluate how new congestion control algorithms interact with already deployed algorithms and applications in realistic, but controlled experiments.

To this end, this survey asks for the kinds of realistic use cases the testbed should include:

  1. Application use cases. What applications are currently deployed in the Internet? What metrics are used for evaluating application performance?
  2. Network use cases. What is the bottleneck link, loss, rate, RTT, etc between edge servers (ex: PoPs) and clients (end users)?

This survey is intended for networking industry folks with experience in tuning network stacks and/or deploying congestion control algorithms at their company.

Below, you'll find forms to submit application use cases and network use cases. You may submit as many use cases as you like.

Important Note: Most of the questions in each form are optional. You are also free to only fill out a subset of the questions in each form if you cannot answer all of the questions.