SciArt Santa Fe creates opportunities for the powerful exchange of ideas among practitioners in the arts, sciences and technology. Through public forums, we facilitate cross-disciplinary research in these fields, seeking to catalyze solutions for the challenges of the 21st century: establishing sustainable environmental practices, spreading global scientific and artistic literacy, creating technological equity and encouraging freedom of thought and imagination.

We support artists and other practitioners whose practices do not always fit within a traditional gallery framework. Many of the practitioners we work with tackle pressing issues that disproportionately affect people of under-represented races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, national origins, citizenship statuses, and ages including climate change, species extinction and migration.

Why Santa Fe?

We chose to locate SciArt Santa Fe here because it is a city with a high level of contemporary art and science practice, a center for international art galleries and museums with proximity to two major national laboratories. Santa Fe and the region is also on the front lines of global changing ecosystems due to anthropogenic climate change. Our city faces critical challenges with water, soil and land use, and many people in Santa Fe are highly engaged with local and global environmental and social justice advocacy.

Past Events


LASER Santa Fe presents a Zoom Webinar by Kate Boles

When: 6:00 PM(MDT), May 19th

Where: Zoom link by registration on Eventbrite

Registration: Eventbrite Page

Cost: Free -- Donations accepted

UNM SA+P, Lecturer II, Kate Boles

Kate is a NM licensed landscape architect and a Lecturer II at UNM. Prior to teaching, she worked in Santa Fe design firms for six and a half years and assisted the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum with a cultural landscape study for their Abiquiú Property as the 2019-2020 Georgia O’Keeffe Cultural Landscape Fellow. She holds a MARCH from UNM, a MLA and a Certificate in Historic Preservation from the University of Virginia, and a BA in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Rice University.


IN PLACE: LASER Archive Spring 2022

LASER Santa Fe presented a Zoom Webinar by Heidi Brandow w/ Diego Medina

Heidi K. Brandow (Diné & Kānaka Maoli) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is centered on the inclusion of Indigenous people and perspectives in the development of ethical and sustainable methods of creative engagement.

She is a co-founder of the Harvard Indigenous Design Collective, an organization that recognizes and promotes design by and for Indigenous communities as foundational to the history, theory, and practice of design fields.

Brandow received her undergraduate degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts, studied Industrial Design at Istanbul Technical University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Design Studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

LASER Santa Fe presented a Zoom Webinar by Angel Cabrales


Angel views everything as an artistic resource and utilizes this in all his creations, from his extensive experience with a variety of mediums and styles, to the intangibles, such as his upbringing in the El Paso, Texas Borderlands, his work grows and expands with the requirements presented from each new idea. His father a retired engineer at White Sands Missile Range, instilled Angel with a great interest in science and engineering, while his mother, a politically active stay at home mother, taught him the importance of community and social work through her volunteer work. Angel's work is an amalgamation of his upbringing resulting in social/political commentary with an engineered flare. The artwork’s concept ultimately dictates the medium needed for its creation, so artistic evolution is intrinsic in his philosophy.

LASER Santa Fe presented a performance by Sandy Stone

Inspired by the seated monologues of Spalding Gray, Sandy Stone presents a performance that will thread together autobiographical stories in order to explore the socialized, constructed self through science, technology, philosophy, medicine, art, and media theory. In anticipation of a feature-length documentary film currently in mid-production on Sandy’s incredible life, New Mexico is the second stop on a multi-city college tour bringing Sandy and her work to a new generation of college students.

In Place: Future Artifacts and Remembrance on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro

April 16- May 28, 2022

In Place: Future Artifacts and Remembrance on El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro is an art exhibition and LASER series happening in Santa Fe, New Mexico created by SciArt Santa Fe in partnership with The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI,) Vital Spaces, and STEAM NM an initiative of UNM Fine Arts. The show encourages dialogue about the relationships of art and science to monuments and other historical artifacts and representation through the lens of land use, colonization, climate change, extractive industries, and community.

My Border Crossers inhabit a world that I am still dreaming about: a world of fluid boundaries between countries and cultures... Chico MacMurtrie

Morgan Barnard
Susan Latham
Shirley Crow

Beneath the Surface

April 16 - May 28, 2022

In this exhibition and LASER talk series, the SciArt Santa Fe community attempts to peel back the layers of creative research that lay beneath the artworks on display. The Santa Fe-based artists represented in this exhibition have long-standing, deep practices in diverse disciplines that connect art and science, including physics, mathematics, engineering, biology, and consciousness. Visitors can experience what drives an art/science practitioner to create, how abstract scientific concepts drive the development of material and form, and how art/science engages the public and raises awareness of overlooked interconnections that expand our vision of what might be possible.

LASERs: Under the Hood is a series of short, casual LASER Santa Fe conversations between the exhibiting artists, curators, scientists and gallery visitors about the processes and scientific research behind the creation of the artworks. Under the Hood talks take place from 3-4 PM on Saturdays during the exhibition.

In Place: Recentering Ecocritical Knowledge of the Natural World

This was three-part LASER series in which diverse humanities scholars, artists, and scientists consider regional land-use histories and ethics of place. This series was generously funded by New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities. All webinars in this series were offered in English with Spanish translations.

Links to In Place: Environmental Racism LASER talk recording and resources.

This series is made possible with the generous support of the New Mexico Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Videos of LASER talks hosted by Biocultura Santa Fe in coordination with Leonardo/International Society for Art, Science and Technology and local art, science, education and community organizations.


SciArt Santa Fe received a grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council to host a three-part LASER webinar series on environmental art and science, and a general operating support grant from the Celia Lipton Farris and Victor W. Farris Foundation Fund at the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

February 5, 2021

SciArt Santa Fe, in conjunction with Leonardo / International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, will host “In Place: Representing Environmental Racism on Tribal Lands and Communities of Color,” a Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER). Featuring artist Will Wilson and artist-scientist Valerie Rangel in conversation with writer-curator Alicia Inez Guzmán, Ph.D., “In Place” will examine the legacy of extractive industries and resource exploitation in New Mexico. Delving into the implications of such industries and what paths lie ahead for remediation, the panel will also look at the role of aesthetics in representing environmental devastation and imagining new futures beyond crisis.

This is the first in SciArt Santa Fe’s three-part series, In Place, in which diverse humanities scholars, artists, and scientists consider regional land-use histories and ethics of place.

DIY Biology
Sitting room at the tea house event
Tubes of fruit flies at the UNM Lab of Richard Cripps
Biohacking materials
Dried kombucha scoby as a tube holder
John Donalds performing DIY Bio
DIY Bio Kombucha
Growing plants
Close up caterpillar

Images shown from art/science workshops around the world including Biophilia, a workshop with Symbiotica at Aalto University, SCOBY growing projects at the Vermont Studio Center, Biocultura's T-House in Springfield Missouri, TasteLab created by University of New Mexico (UNM) Bio Art and Design students for the Farm D'Art Tour in rural Wisconsin, A Bio Hack Academy workshop at the Waag Society in Amsterdam, Drosophila research at the UNM Cripps Lab, and a workshop with Bio Artist Marta De Menenez in Mexico City.