Anderson Five

Multilingual Learner Welcome Center

Welcome to Anderson 5!

In Anderson Five we strive to make every student feel welcome in our district.  We want our students to enjoy coming to school!  This includes our multilingual learners.  Each school has a Multilingual Learner Program Specialist to help children learn English and progress academically.  We also want parents to feel comfortable reaching out to schools.  Therefore this website serves as our welcome to you, providing you with key information you may need.  Thank you for trusting us with your child!


The first step of enrollment is to complete the appropriate registration application here.

Which School?

You can find the name of the school your child should attend here.  

Proof of Age

Proof of age is required to enroll in school.  This could be a birth certificate, a legal document from your home country, a passport and many other items. 


Proof of immunizations is required within 30 days of enrollment.  Anderson County DHEC offers free vaccines. 


Attendance is vital to your child's success.  Schools have limits on the number of unexcused absences students can have.  Failure to attend school results in referral to the County Board of Education.  Be sure to always send a written parent note or doctor's excuse for absences.  

Bus Information

Be sure to sign up for bus transportation in PowerSchool Enrollment.  If you need transporation at a later date, you can sign up here.  Transportation can take time to set up, usually 2-3 days.  

Lunch Fees

Lunch prices vary depending on the school.  Prices and menus are available here.  To apply for free or reduced lunch prices, click here

Supply List

For elementary supply lists, click here.  For middle school supply lists, click here.  High school materials vary by teacher and class. 

Multilingual Learner Program

Each school has a Multilingual Learner Specialist that will monitor your child's English progress.  Depending on your child's English proficiency, the specialist may pull your child for services.  At the secondary level, your child may qualify for a Multilingual Learner class.  The MLP Specialist can assist you with many tasks including conferences and helping your child find tutoring services.  

Communicating with the School

We use Global Interpreting Services to help us communicate with families in their native language.  We also have a full time Spanish liason on staff for our Spanish speaking families.  You can find her number on the Spanish page above.  For other languages, you can use the provided Global Interpretation number on each corresponding page, or you can email  Mrs. Meaders can set up a conference in your preferred language.