iTalks: Illuminating Conversations is a podcast hosted by the Digital Integration Specialist Team of Anderson School District 5. 

We believe in empowering, celebrating, and inspiring the learners we serve.  The conversations we have together are essential to reflect and grow as professionals. Designed to illuminate these conversations, iTalks promotes the expertise we have within the district and surrounding area to empower, celebrate, and inspire our listeners.  It is a series of educational conversations that feature a variety of topics including instructional strategies, educational technology, personal growth, and so much more! New episodes are published every two weeks.

S4-Episode 26: GoGuardian in the Classroom

The A5 iTalks team was thrilled to receive insights from Heather Bradshaw, a dedicated kindergarten teacher at Concord Elementary, who shared her experiences with GoGuardian. Tune in to hear her discuss the innovative ways she incorporates GoGuardian into her kindergarten classroom, enhancing both classroom management and daily routines. 

S4-Episode 25:  Student-Created Podcasts

Get ready to amplify your classroom with the power of podcasting! In this episode, Danette McClinton shares how she collaborated with her DIS to create a project-based podcast unit. She'll share the scaffolds used to support students, the challenges she encountered, and the unexpected impact on students. Listen now as we discover how student-created podcasts can turn your classroom into a powerhouse of innovation! 

S4-Episode 24:  Don't Wait...Collaborate!

The A5 iTalks team was excited to speak with Jennifer Roper and Kate Andrade, two Learning Lab teachers from Midway Elementary. Listen in as they share the power of collaboration, the impact for their students, and the importance of having FUN. 

S4-Episode 23:  180 Days of RAMS

Join us as we hear from Administrative Assistant John Garrett and Title One Facilitator Melanie Hahn of Robert Anderson Middle School (RAMS). They're going to spill the tea on how their school is crushing the social media game to engage the community. The initiative, called 180 Days of RAMS aims to highlight the daily achievements of RAMS students and staff. Trust us, you don't want to miss this episode; John Garrett is going to break it down for us with social media challenges, community impact, and the secret sauce to making a post that pops!

S3-Episode 22:  Southwood Academy of the Arts: 

A Palmetto's Finest School

Did you hear about Southwood Academy of the Arts in Anderson School District 5? They received a South Carolina state award called Palmetto’s Finest, but what is it? What does it mean to be recognized as a Palmetto’s Finest School? And, how will it impact the students and community? Join Southwood's Digital Integration Specialists Ashley Pursley, Beth Brannon, and Jennifer Burdette with Principal Jamie Smith for a behind-the-scenes look at Southwood Academy's journey to becoming a Palmetto's Finest School.

S3-Episode 21:  Personalized Learning: What, How, Why

In this episode, we invite coaches from across the state of South Carolina to share their district's journey and progress with personalized learning. You'll hear from representatives of Lexington 3, York 1, Richland 2, and Berkeley County as well as our Office of Personalized Learning coaches. Listen now to gain insight on how to power-up your coaching for more personalized learning experiences in your district, school, and classrooms! 

S3-Episode 20:  DIS Roundtable:

Supporting the Three Pillars of the Instructional Vision

Join us for the first episode of iTalks season 3 as we take a deep dive into the three core pillars within the A5 Instructional Vision: Student Academic Growth, Teacher Efficacy, and Instructional Leadership. We will be discussing the intention behind the areas and how we, as a DIS team, support these instructional pillars. We will share authentic examples of how our teachers are designing creative, engaging, and impactful lessons to amplify learning in their classrooms.

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