iTalks: Illuminating Conversations is a podcast hosted by the Digital Integration Specialist Team of Anderson School District 5.

We believe in empowering, celebrating, and inspiring the learners we serve. The conversations we have together are essential to reflect and grow as professionals. Designed to illuminate these conversations, iTalks promotes the expertise we have within the district and surrounding area to empower, celebrate, and inspire our listeners. It is a series of educational conversations that feature a variety of topics including instructional strategies, educational technology, personal growth, and so much more! New episodes are published every two weeks.

Who drives learning in classrooms? At home? In this episode, we hear from three students who have found joy in pursuing their passions. Join us as we explore how their education has impacted their own feelings of empowerment.

This time of year, teachers are working hard to push to the season of standardized testing. It's the time we hear the mantra of "overworked and underpaid" the loudest. We want to start a conversation to help our teachers power-up their efficiency so they can devote their time and energy to the things that matter most. Listen now for tips and tricks to help teachers make their classrooms run more efficiently.

In this episode, listeners will be invited into the life of a passionate educator to learn how one family uses communication and understanding to balance the demands of the education field. Danessa and Joseph Barr bring energy and positivity into this uplifting conversation about TeacherLife balance.

In this episode, listeners will hear from the Anderson District 5 experts as we take a deep dive into exploring Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Brenda Kelley, Lisa Lipscomb, and Tiffany Osborne share how MTSS helps all students reach their potential. Join us to learn why MTSS could really stand for Multi-Tiered Success Systems.​

Are you looking for opportunities to engage learners in hands-on experiences driven by your standards? Did you know each A5 school is equipped with an Innovation Learning Lab to support these opportunities? Anna Baldwin, Director of eLearning & Integration, and Dr. Paige Mitchell, Learning Engagement Coach for the SC Department of Education, share the origin story of how these tools got to your schools.

In this episode, listeners will hear from Anderson 5's District STEM Teacher Leader/Coach Sandy Bradshaw who shares how she supports teachers and students with STEM learning. The conversation covers topics like the 4Cs, STEAM kits, Makerspaces, assessing STEM projects, and more! It's an episode you won't want to miss!

Are you faced with daily challenges? Have you identified a problem of practice that needs attention? Well, "Pass the EduDuctTape!" In this episode, Jake Miller shares his views on educational technology, the adjacent possible, and his own podcast journey.

What happens when a group of local educator leaders bond together during challenging times to support each other? BOLD Leadership happens. Listen to "Bold is a Choice" to hear their advice for supporting teachers and addressing cultural biases.

It's United Way donation season! Have you ever wondered about the impact of your contributions? Tune in for this episode of iTalks as Danae and Adam sit down with Carol Burdette to discuss the influence of United Way on our community.

Press play for a sneak peek of this season's episodes and hear an important welcome back message from the Superintendent of Anderson District 5.

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