IKS Books for Children

Inspired by the calling to offer Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) resources for children, at Anaadi Foundation, we have designed a series of books to learn the breakthroughs and techniques of Vedic seers, Patanjali, Piṅgala, Suśruta, Caraka, Āryabhaṭa, Vāgbhaṭa, Bhāskarācārya and many more.

Unending Quest

In this book we have tried capturing the conversations that happened between Shri. Adinarayanan and the participants of the weeklong retreat program offered by Anaadi Foundation at Rishikesh


How to Meditate

Insights from the Gita

Thoughts Words Deeds

With Awareness

Power of Pranava

On the Omkara


Effective Practice

Long Reads

Lotus Leaf Manual

Droplets of Detachment is an explanation of the verses from Adi Sankara’s Bhajagovindam. Adopting a conversational style, the explanations are excerpts from discussions that happened at Anaadi on the Bhajagovindam.

Intuitive Health

This Ayurveda e-book offers insights that were once common in every household in India. Based on Ayurvedic principles, the book offers remedies to common ailments.

Parnika Monthly Magazine

Anaadi Foundation's Monthly E-Magazine Archives

Millets: Farm to Palm

Dharma and Geo-engineering