A Gurukulam of Computing for Women

Blending Values and Cutting-edge technology skills

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Technology has great potential to provide scalable solutions for problems of the society. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, solutions have become intelligent and crunch huge amounts of data. Making these solutions value-oriented is becoming a challenge. It is important to impart cutting-edge computational skills to the next generation and integrate them with values so that the outcomes are beneficial for humanity.

Named after the daughter of great Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya (Lilavati is a text of Indian Mathematics in which the author poses mathematical problems to his 9 year old daughter Lilavati), Lilavati Gurukulam of Computing is a step towards blending Bharatiya samskaras with 21st century computing skills. Announced in January 2022, the Gurukulam aims at creating a learning space where technology and values can come together for societal well-being.

A key aspect of the Gurukulam is to provide skills that can be useful in integrating computation with Indian Knowledge Systems. Areas like Ayurveda and AI, Yoga,-Neuroscience-Machine Learning, Sanskrit-Natural Language Processing and Ganitha-Combinatorics-Computational Thinking provide exciting possibilities.

3 Year Residential Program for Girl Students


Enrolment in 3 year Undergraduate Computer Science degree from reputed distance education program


Inculcating Dharmic values like Seva, Karuna, Santhosha, Satya and Aparigraha through samskaras.

Additional Skills

Event Management, Bharatiya Vijnana, Samskritam, Chanting and Home management skills


~ Girl students completing 12th Standard in April/May 2022.

~ Aptitude for Computing and the interest of family in Bharatiya parampara

Admission Process

Fill Interest Form--Video/Telephonic Interview with Parents--Selection Process--Enrollment

Intake for 2022: 8-10 students


Scholarship to cover living expenses is available to select students

Life and Livelihood Skills

Computing Curriculum

  • Foundational Mathematics

  • Digital Fundamentals

  • C Programming

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Operating Systems

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Software Engineering

  • Networks

  • Databases

Additional Skills

  • Presentation and Communication

  • Documentation

  • Event Management

  • Entrepreneurship

Modern Computing Skills

  • Computational and Algorithmic thinking

  • Python Programming

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Data Science with R

  • Integrating Computation with Indian Knowledge Systems

Bharatiya Gnana and Samskaras

  • Samskritam with possibility of additional degree

  • Yoga

  • Advanced Bharatiya Ganitha

  • Introductory Ayurveda and Nakshatra Vidya

  • Prakriti Vijnana through Gauseva and Gau products

  • Home Management Skills

  • Gurukulam Acharya training

  • Chanting: Stotrams and Bhagavad Gita

  • Satvik Cooking skills

Interdisciplinary Courses

Ayurveda and Informatics | Yoga, Neuroscience and Machine Learning | Bharatiya Ganitha and Computational Thinking | Algorithms for Indian Mathematics and Astronomy | Indian Languages and Computational Linguistics

Envisioned Outcomes

A wide-range of career pathways are possible for students of the Gurukulam upon graduation:

  • Research in Indian Knowledge Systems and Computing

  • Higher Education

  • Industry: Software Development

  • Teaching at Dharma Gurukulam

  • Tech Entrepreneurship

  • Online Mentoring and Teaching


Academic Mentors

~ Dr. Latha Parameswaran, Former Professor and Head of Computer Science and Engineering, Amrita University

~ Dr. Padmavathi Ganapathi, Dean, School of Physical Sciences and Computational Sciences-Professor, Department of Computer Science, Avinashlingam University

Industry Mentors

~ Sh. Biju Kumar, Business Manager - Platform & Technology Services at SAP

~ Sh. Vidhyashankar, Global Supply Chain Manager, Apple Inc, USA

~ Sh. Ananda Seelan, Zoho, Chennai

Volunteer Faculty Members

~ Mathangi Krishnamurthy, Tevel India, Formerly with TCS and IBM

~ Priyadarshini Muralidharan, Oracle, USA

~ Rajalaxmi Chandran, Senior Software Developer at SUEZ Smart Solutions Limited, New Zealand

~ Rajgopal Vaithiyanathan, Facebook, USA

~ Aiswarya PL, Formerly with Altimetrik Software

~ Aadhithyan Narayanan, Anaadi Foundation

~ Amarthya Pal Reddy, Anaadi Foundation

~ Manjukeshwar Reddy, Anaadi Foundation

~ Saksham Agarwal, PhD Scholar, IIT Delhi

~ Shyam Krishnakumar, Pranava Institute

~ Titiksha Vashist, Pranava Institute

Gurukulam Premises

Lilavati Gurukulam of Computing is located within Anaadi Foundation. The Foundation is located at the foothills of Ivyar Malai, near Palani, Tamilnadu, India. This consecrated space offers a serene and ideal space for children to grow vibrant in both body and mind and blossom into a phenomenal presence for the wellfare of all. At the south-west corner, a Sannidhi presided by Yoga-Vidya Ganapathy bestows all with His elevating presence. Dhyanaalayam at Anaadi has the Divine Sannidhi of Agastya Maharishi, Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Adi Sankaracarya. Children shall benefit from Dhyana and Jnana practices at Dhyanaalyam. The Gau-shala is home to great satvic beings that children shall tend to and be tended to. The educational complex shall have two indoor classroom, two gender specific stay areas and an open court for learning all under the sky! Trees and grasslands, the hilltops and the girivala-pada are all learning centers for young people. The simple and austere structures of the Ashram inspire humility, while awakening knowledge tenets handed down through millennia in Bharatiya Guru-Sishya Parampara!

Dharma gurukulam is a residential home school within Anaadi Foundation for children above 10 years of age. The children at the Gurukulam undergo holistic development. is designed with the holistic physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual development of students in mind. Focusing on Indian sciences, the Gurukulam aims at reviving Indian knowledge: para and apara vidya (scientific and spirtual) and creating a thirst for local knowledge and traditions. Students of Dharma school will be rooted in Indian sciences and values and can interact seamlessly on global platforms.

Anaadi Foundation

4/84, Iyvar Malai, Palani Taluk, Tamil Nadu 642621