AMTE Online Mathematics Teacher Education Task Force

Special Topic - Support for Instructional Continuity

Responding to Coronavirus

The AMTE Online Learning Task Force was convened to assist mathematics teacher educators in their capacity as designers and facilitators of both mathematical content and mathematical pedagogy in distance learning environments. The work on this page is not yet complete, however in light of transition to online learning in order to ensure instructional continuity, we share the information on this site with the goal of assisting mathematics educators as they respond to these challenging times.

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Additionally, we have compiled some useful resources and links on this temporary landing page.

Some Basic Tips for Going Online

  • Think about how you plan to contact students
    • Remember that not all students check their email as frequently as we would like them to. Explore if your institution or department has recommendations for collecting/keeping cell phone numbers so you can communicate with your students via text or notification app.
    • Use announcements (news items) to when you post useful information that your students will need to refer back to. Most LMS systems provide an option to send announcements as an email directly to students. This will allow you to keep records of communication.
  • Know how to set up and use appropriate video conferencing software (Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, Zoom, etc.).
    • All video conferencing systems allow for creating "recurring sessions" -- consider using the same link or session number for class sessions. If you use different links for each class session or each week, students will undoubtedly use last week's link.
    • Learn the features of your system. Most are able to support breakout groups for small group discussion and then return to the whole class for share out and debrief. Additionally, many allow for you to record (and even transcribe) the sessions for those that are unable to attend.
  • Learn the features of your LMS.
    • Each has a robust suite of features
      • Uploading assignments
      • Creating and administering assessments
      • Other collaboration tools (groups, blogs, wikis)
    • Explore your publisher's resources -- many are or can be directly connected to your LMS

AMTE Resources

AMTE has an active Facebook Site that is discussing tips, strategies and resources for online math teacher education. We've linked to one of those posts below. Click the comment button (speech bubble) to read and follow the conversation.