Four time Olympian, founding member of the Jamaica Bobsleigh Team. veteran of the Jamaica Defense Force, helicopter pilot and serial entrepreneur. Now I am focused on bringing to those willing to listen, by speaking, blogging and one on one coaching, the lessons I have learnt and to help people improve their own condition. Be that mental health, overall wellness, healthy aging, longevity, overcoming disadvantage, improving general and specific performance. Build your personal diversity so you can be a better team member, boss, or employee.

   In six years, 1988 to 1994 I went from a comedian to a competitor. From crashing out of the Calgary Olympics in 1988, to finishing 14th overall, 7th nation, ahead of all American sleds in 1994. That journey taught me many things about life, now I share them.

Through my LCP brand we provide products for performance. Performance wear, performance supplements, performance equipment, high quality designed and tested to enhance the industrial athlete.

With TaL tools and techniques for sustained peak performance are explained and practiced, through webinars, or personalised one on one coaching my guarantee is that the methods you learn will be simple, inexpensive, effective and sustainable. SI lo ES.





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