ACSD Elementary Tech Gamification

As a way to help integrate the use of technology into the learning environments, we have devised some challenges that will help teachers improve their use of technology and allow the sharing and collaboration between Model Teachers.

One big idea with this is that we are going to be constantly looking at ways to improve this, so please use the Feedback Form to give any insight into how this can be improved for you as the Teacher.

Go the Challenges page to see ideas for challenges you can attempt, but feel free to leave feedback if there is something you have tried before and want to improve at, or if there is something you really want to try but it is not listed on the Challenges page.

The Leaderboard and Badges page will contain the points totals and badges assigned, allowing for recognition of the great work you are taking on, but it will also contain links to what others have done. Please check out the page to see if anyone else is working on the same stuff as you are, which will allow you to find someone to collaborate with. It is also a great way to find someone who has successfully tried something you want to try, so you know you have another resource available to you.