COVID-19 Animal Shelter Preparedness Guide

Protocol Documents

Intake Prevention:

Animal Protection Protocol

Intake Diversion Protocol

Feral and Community Cats Protocol

Owner Rehoming Protocol

NACA Statement on Cat Intake Protocol During COVID-19

NACA Statement on Animal Control Functions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NACA Statement on Continuity of Animal Control and Sheltering Services

NACA Statement on Releasing Unaltered Pets from Animal Shelters During the

Suspension of Feline Intake

Stray/Hold Protocol

Return to Field -Neonatal Kitten- Protocol

Intake & Handling of Known COVID-19 Exposed Animals Protocol

Cruelty Seizure Protocol

Found to Foster Protocol for Chameleon


Emergency Foster Protocol

Foster Vaccine and Medical Protocol

Short-Term Foster and Field Trip Protocol

Contagious (non COVID-19) and Hospitalized Animal Protocol

Adoption Protocol

Adoption from Foster Protocol

Transport Protocol

Remote Adoption/Foster Protocol

Return to Owner and Stray Hold Protocol

Continuing Return to Owner Protocol

Behavior Dog Protocol

Shelter Operations:

Management Protocol

Lost & Found Pet Protocol

Employer Policies Guidelines

Bite Quarantine Protocol

Emergency Use of Volunteers

Testing for COVID-19 in Companion Animals

PPE Conservation Protocol

Emergency Pet Food Protocol

Fundraising During COVID-19 Outbreak

Cross-Training Staff and Volunteers Protocol and Worksheet

Closed Shelter Protocol

Sheltering During COVID-19 Protocol


Internal Messaging Protocol (Staff, Volunteers, Fosters)

Press Release Template

Key Messages for Public

For Advocates:

Grassroots Organization Protocol


Summary and Contributors