Public Speaking

Barton to helps energize and set tactical approaches for your team to develop habits that lead to greater success, health, and achieving more at work.

In Barton’s presentation, he will discuss fitness, daily habits, share stories about his father, overcoming polio, his experience as a Peace Corps volunteer living in a mud hut in west Africa, and how he believes we can never be victims of our own circumstances.   

By the end of Barton’s presentation, your team should feel inspired, focus, and ready to put specific tactical plans into action to become more effective, healthy and productive. 

Interested In Bart speaking to your group or at your next conference? 

Bart has spoken in front of over 950 trainers at Camp Gladiator’s annual conference. He was hired by Community Impact Newspaper to speak at their 2023 Thrive conference. Barton will be on the Fight Strong Tour with Phil Daru, promoting the power of an athletic mindset In 2024.