What is a Purple Profile of Courage?

Our Purple Profiles of Courage participants have demonstrated their commitment to helping us identify and celebrate our first survivor. These participants continuously offering inspiration through steadfast dedication to the advancement of the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association. Purple Profiles of Courage commit to contributing their time and their talent to inspire courage and determination in the fight to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease.

See new faces? Please join us in welcoming the FY19 Purple Profiles of Courage!

Currently supporting or caring for someone with Alzheimer's Disease

Amy Walton - Omaha FY18

Brandy Beckett - Alliance FY19

Dylann Ehegartner - Omaha FY18

Eli Rigatuso - Omaha FY19

Lori Huffman - Sarpy County FY18

Lori Reiner - Kearney FY19

Lynne Fullerton - Lincoln FY18

Marci Benson - Kearney FY18

Pete Ferguson - Lincoln FY19

Sue Bigg - Kearney FY19

Supporting the cause and vision of a world without Alzheimer's disease

Kathie Bickerstaff- Sarpy County FY18

Cheryl Willis - Omaha FY19

Has Lost a Loved one to Alzheimer's disease or aNOTHER dementia

Alicia Brommer - Sarpy County FY18

Bill Myers -Omaha FY18

Brad Anderson - Lincoln FY18

Collin Warren - Omaha FY19

Denise McCown - Omaha FY19

Dick Warneke - North Platte FY18

Linda Sheehan Johnston - Hastings FY19

Lori Hampton - Lincoln FY18

Noni Gubbels - Northeast FY18

Pam Parker- Sarpy County FY18

Samantha Bonifas- Hastings FY18

Stephanie Amend- Lincoln FY18

Has ALZHEIMER'S Disease or dementia

Mike Hughbanks- Omaha FY18