The National Junior Honor Society

What is NJHS?

The National Junior Honor Society is the nation's supreme organization devoted to specifically acknowledging and assisting with the development of exceptional middle-level students. The principal objective of NJHS is to elevate a school's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, citizenship, character, and leadership, which are the five dominant pillars of NJHS, and help students develop the knowledge and skills to become well-rounded leaders in their school, community, and beyond.

What does NJHS do?

NJHS aims to develop remarkable middle-level students through their contributions to others surrounding them and their environment. NJHS is highly supportive and executive of volunteering and fundraising activities. As each member is obliged to uphold a strong sense of responsibility to their community, NJHS is known to contribute by hosting donation projects, volunteering activities, fundraisers for the disadvantaged, and more.

Such community contributions include. . .

Making Donation Care Packages

Helping Younger Students

Volunteering at the Local Library

What Makes NJHS Special?

NJHS is the leading renowned organization established for the improvement of outstanding middle-level students to become leaders in their society. Members are selected specifically on their demonstration as overall scholars, leaders, and individuals in their community based on the reflections of others surrounding them. Few are chosen for the application opportunity, and even fewer are actually selected as official members. The role of a member of this prestigious organization is an honor and privilege to be rewarded to those who truly want to contribute and improve the world we live in.