!Bienvenidos a la clase de la Señora Fernández!

La familia Fernández

Name: Lydia Fernández

Email: lfernandez@alvinisd.net

Campus Phone: 281-585-6626 EXT. 5738

Room #: Portable 113

Conference Hours: 3:18 - 4:05 (7th period)

Spanish 1 Period 1 - Google code: 4xtwhjc

Period 2 - Google code: ugrlrra

Period 3 - Google code: b2upbth

Period 4 - Google code: pzjckjx

Period 5 - Google code: fbeuedn

AP Spanish Period 6 - Google code: rnnyc65

Alma Mater: University of Houston-Main Campus

Tutoring times: Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:00 a.m.

Tuesdays 4:35-5:05 p.m.

Introductory Video:

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About Me

¡Bienvenidos! Yo soy la Señora Fernández. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I attended school in Houston, then went on to graduate from the University of Houston-Main Campus with a Bachelor's Degree in Education minoring in Spanish. I have been with the Alvin Independent School District since 1997. I began my teaching career in Alvin at R.L. Stevenson Primary as a 2nd-grade bilingual teacher. I began teaching Spanish at Harby in 2006. I really enjoy teaching Spanish and would like to open a wonderful and new horizon in form of a foreign language for all of my students. I am married and have three children. In my free time, I enjoy spending time and camping with my family.


TWO Spiral notebooks or composition notebooks (to be used ONLY for Spanish)

Paper, paper, paper (we take a lot of notes)

Writing utensils: pencil OR pen (any ink color that I can see, NO PINK, YELLOW, GOLD, SILVER)




LATE WORK POLICY: A penalty will be assessed depending on the assignment.


I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your child this year. I love teaching Spanish because I get the opportunity to share culture and the excitement of a new language. I believe all students can grow and develop by examining the issues we cover in class. The main goal of my course is to cover the fundamentals of Spanish. Spanish 1 is a high school class and your student will receive high school credit upon successful completion of the course. Over the course of this year, I will introduce my students to the wonders of a new language.

We will be using the textbook, Auténtico. The textbook is very well organized and designed to give your student a strong foundation in Spanish. Each chapter is divided into four parts: 2 vocabulary sections and 2 grammar sections. There will be both quizzes and/or major exams after each section. The students will know about each quiz and test approximately one week before it is given and will also be given an oral review in class, your student is responsible for taking notes. Your student will be given a workbook that serves two purposes: GUIDED PRACTICE (GP) AND CORE PRACTICE (CP). If it is lost, your student will be responsible for writing out the information in the workbook to turn in whenever it is assigned, I will not issue another one out to any student.

It is crucial that your student arrives to class on time, prepared to take notes and learn something new every day. The vocabulary in some chapters consists of many new and challenging words, please encourage your student to study their Spanish notes at least 20 minutes every night.

Homework will be given out according to what we are covering in class. It will not be given nightly. It will consist of activities they can use to practice vocabulary or grammar. It will always be due on Friday regardless of when it was assigned. We will review the homework together on Monday.

Tutoring hours will be from 8:05 - 8:35 or 4:10 - 4:40 p.m. on days that will be determined. If you ever have any comments, questions or concerns please email me at lfernandez@alvinisd.net. I will also have a REMIND 101 for my students and parents, simply text the code @0e02 to 81010 for Spanish 1 and the code @srafe to 81010 for AP Spanish.

I am excited about working with your child.


Theme: Capítulo 1: Mis amigos y yo

Chapter 1A – ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Vocabulary 1A: Activities and Expressing likes and dislikes

Grammar 1A: Infinitives, Negatives, Expressing agreement or disagreement

Chapter 1B - Y tú, ¿cómo eres?

Vocabulary 1B: Personality traits

Grammar 1B: Adjectives, Definite and Indefinite articles, Word order: Placement of adjectives

Theme: Capítulo 2: La escuela

Chapter 2A - Tu día en la escuela

Vocabulary 2A: School subjects and schedules, School supplies, Class descriptions

Grammar 2A: Subject pronouns, Present tense of -ar verbs

Chapter 2B - Tu sala de clases

Vocabulary 2B: Classroom items and furniture, Computers, Words to describe location

Grammar 2B: The verb estar, Plurals of nouns and articles

Theme: Capítulo 3: La comida

Chapter 3A - ¿Desayuno o almuerzo?

Vocabulary 3A: Foods and beverages for breakfast and lunch, Expressions of frequency

Grammar 3A: Present tense of -er and -ir verbs, Me gustan, me encantan

Chapter 3B - Para mantener la salud

Vocabulary 3B: Food groups, Healthy activities, Ways to describe foods

Grammar 3B: Plurals of adjectives, the verb ser

Theme: Capítulo 4: Los pasatiempos

Chapter 4A - ¿Adónde vas?

Vocabulary 4A: Leisure activities, Places in the community

Grammar 4A: The verb ir, Asking questions

Chapter 4B - ¿Quiéres ir conmigo?

Vocabulary 4B: Sports and activities outside of school, Telling time, Extending, accepting, and declining invitations

Grammar 4B: Ir + a + infinitive, The verb jugar

Theme: Capítulo 5: Fiesta en familia

Chapter 5A - Una fiesta de cumpleaños

Vocabulary 5A: Family members and pets, Telling ages, Party decorations and celebration activities

Grammar 5 A: The verb tener, Possessive adjectives

Chapter 5B - ¡Vamos a un restaurante!

Vocabulary 5B: Describing people and things, Food and table settings, Eating out, Expressing needs

Grammar 5B: The verb venir, The verbs ser and estar

Theme: Capítulo 6: La casa

Chapter 6A - En mi dormitorio

Vocabulary 6A: Bedroom items, Electronic equipment, Colors, Describing, comparing, and contrasting

Grammar 6A: Making comparisons, The superlative, Stem changing verbs: poder and dormir

Chapter 6B - ¿Cómo es tu casa?

Vocabulary 6B: Houses and apartments, Rooms, Household chores

Grammar 6B: Affirmative commands, The present progressive tense

Theme: Capítulo 7: De compras

Chapter 7A - ¿Cuánto cuesta?

Vocabulary 7A: Shopping, Clothing, Prices and numbers

Grammar 7A: Stem changing verbs: pensar, querer, preferir , Demonstrative adjectives

Chapter 7B - ¡Qué regalo!

Vocabulary 7B: Stores and online shopping, Gifts and clothing accessories, Expressions to describe past events

Grammar 7B: The preterite of -ar verbs, The preterite of verbs ending in -car and -gar, Direct object pronouns

Theme: Capítulo 8: Experiencias

Chapter 8A: De vacaciones

Vocabulary 8A: Vacation destinations and activities, Modes of transportation, Attractions, parks, and animals, Expressions to talk about a trip

Grammar 8A: The preterite of -er and -ir verbs, The preterite of ir, The personal a

Chapter 8B: Ayudando en la comunidad

Vocabulary 8B: Recycling, Places in a community, Volunteer work

Grammar 8B: The present tense of decir, Indirect object pronouns, The preterite of hacer and dar

Theme: Capítulo 9: Medios de comunicación

Chapter 9A: El cine y la televisión

Vocabulary 9A: Television programs, Movies, Words and expressions to give opinions

Grammar 9A: Acabar de + infinitive, Gustar and similar verbs

Chapter 9B: La tecnología

Vocabulary 9B: Communication, Computer0related activities, Internet and digital products

Grammar 9B: The present tense of pedir and servir, Saber and conocer