Mrs. Hernández Spanish Class

Nolan Ryan Junior High

11500 Shadow Creek Parkway

Pearland, TX 77584


teacher: Nayely Hernández

conference times: M-F 3:20-4pm

room: A213

tutorials: Mondays before school and after school and Fridays after school

About me...

I am so happy to participate in my students' success in life here at Nolan Ryan Junior High!

I received part of my early education in Mexico, hence my expertise.

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Advertising from the University of Houston. After that I participated in tutoring underprivileged children something that I did as a favor for my community. Well, the kids that I helped gave me more than I gave them. They made me discover what my true calling is: TEACHING.

I went back to school because I fell in love with teaching and I am truly happy that I can say today that I hold the most rewarding job title anybody could ever have: I am a Teacher.

Mrs. Hernández alma mater

University of Houston

Nolan Ryan's Bell Schedule

Monday, Thursday

and Friday

1st Period 8:40-9:34 (54 mins)

2nd Period 9:38-10:32 (54 mins)

3rd Period 10:36-11:28 (54 mins)

4th Period 11:32-1:15 (Class and lunch)

A lunch 11:35-12:05

B lunch 12:10-12:40

C lunch 12:45-1:15

5th Period 1:19-2:12 (53 mins)

6th Period 2:16-3:09 (53 mins)

7th Period 3:13-4:05 (52 mins)


and Wednesday

1st Period 8:40 – 9:25 (45 min)

Power Time 9:29 – 10:12 (43 min)

2nd Period 10:16 – 11:01 (45 min)

3rd Period 11:05 – 11:50 (45 min)

4th Period 11:54 – 1:35 (Class and lunch)

A Lunch 11:55 – 12:25

B Lunch 12:30 – 1:00

C Lunch 1:05– 1:35

5th Period 1:39 – 2:27 (47 min)

6th Period 2:31 – 3:16 (45 min)

7th Period 3:20 – 4:05 (45 min)

Google Classroom Codes

1st period join Spanish 1 4th period join Spanish 4

Code: gsh916 Code: tyigb8i

2nd period join Spanish 2 5th period join Spanish 5

Code: 9iumj2 Code: 5ordgd4

3rd period join Spanish 3 6th period join Spanish 6

Code: 5xwurg Code: jp6hyx

syllabus 2019.docx