HJH Social Studies

HJH Mission: Push ALL students to learn at higher levels by instilling a culture of mastery.

HJH Vision: HJH is committed to being a learning community to prepare ALL students for success in a global society.

Instructional Coach

Lauren Chance (lchance@alvinisd.net)

6th Grade World Cultures

Domingo Morin (dmorin@alvinisd.net)

Melinda Bryan (mbryan@alvinisd.net)

7th Grade Texas History

Joe Overton (joverton@alvinisd.net)

Michael Lenderman (mlenderman@alvinisd.net)

8th Grade American History

Randy White (wwhite@alvinisd.net)

Lauren Chance (lchance@alvinisd.net)


6th grade - Nicole Pickard (npickard@alvinisd.net)

7th grade - Mary Whitlock (mwhitlock@alvinisd.net)

8th grade - Debbie Stranges (dstranges@alvinisd.net)