Choir COVID-19 Concerns

Hello Mustang Choir Families,

Although Choir will look very different this year, I am very determined to make sure that I provide a safe and fun environment for our singers during this time. Some daily measures that I am taking in the choir room include (but are not limited to):

  • social distancing of chairs

  • required face masks

  • face shields (provided by the Choir department!) will be used in addition to a face mask during any singing in the choir room.

  • sanitizing of chairs and materials used in the choir room.

  • limited amounts of group singing in the choir room

  • virtual singing assignments and performances

Please read the Mustang Choir handbook to read more about our policies and procedures! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call me.

AJH Choir T-Shirt

Whether you are Face-to-Face or Virtual, all Choir students will be required to pay a small Choir Fee of $20.00 (stated in the Choir Handbook), which includes the cost of the Choir T-Shirt.

The Choir T-Shirt is a required uniform for our choir members to wear to any choir performances (including virtual this year), events, or trips.

I am excited for all of our Choir members to rock this shirt on campus this year!!! :)