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It is vital for entrepreneurs that this initiative continues. Right now it runs on the money two co-founders saved from their corporate jobs.

We can design and host a sector-specific interview series reaching a certain market segment where your organization can be advertised. Please get in touch with Julia.


Think Tank AlterContacts will be responsible for producing the series, including inviting guests, filming, post-production, promotion and transforming interviews into business cases and training materials for schools. We are looking for partners who would be willing to sponsor this initiative.

As for benefits, the sponsor will be featured in every episode they sponsored (to which extent is to be discussed). That will provide the sponsor organization third-party advocacy, one of the most efficient ways to win consumers today. The sponsor can request the episodes to be focused around a specific topic, sector or guest. This initiative has been registered and recognized by the United Nations as an Acceleration Action towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The sponsor organization can become an official partner and be mentioned in that registration.


  1. To cover the time of people who work on the Lockdown Economy initiative full time.

  2. To replicate the interview model and bring it to many more countries with good quality of technology and services.

  3. To develop training and learning materials from the real-time field-research we are doing with interviews.


For a company, sponsoring this initiative will be seen as a contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Business Conduct (RBC). More specifically it falls in the category of supporting education and training, which enables building “a more cohesive society and the transition to a sustainable economic system.” Supporting the Lockdown Economy initiative fits with the OECD definition of RBC as "making a positive contribution to economic, environmental and social progress with a view to achieving sustainable development".

According to the recent findings of the British researchers, we can expect “the post-pandemic period as a one that the thriving businesses are those with strong CSR commitment”. They forecast that “the bond established between the brand and consumer during this crisis era can be more meaningful and lasting than during ‘peaceful’ times”. It is also noted that responsible and prosocial consumption will become the norm, “in the sense that consumers consciously reflect on how to consume and make product/brand choices to be more responsible to themselves, others, the society, and the environment”.

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