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Course Description: In this course, you will learn about the physical world around you in much the same way as scientists do. You will be confronted with a series of situations in which you will decide what factors might be related, how you can measure them, and then collect data. You will use computers to help you graphically analyze the data, and learn how to clearly describe the relationships you found, using a variety of representations. You will then go on to explore how these relationships you discovered could be applied to new situations. Successful completion of Secondary I is prerequisite to this course, and we will be using Algebra as a tool to help us analyze and understand the world around us. As computer use is an integral part of this course, parents are required to grant access through the district Acceptable Use Policy on Skyward. Students who are not authorized to use school computers will not be able to take Physics.

Lab Experiments: Much of what you learn this year is based on the results of your experiments. You will be working in lab teams of about 4 students for these experiments. For each experiment you are expected to write a report in a format you will soon receive. If I notice that one member of a lab team seems to be doing most of the work, I will lower the report grade for all members. While some elements of the lab report may be the same for all members of a lab team (such as data and graphs), each individual should write his/her own report. Receiving multiple, identical copies of a lab report will result in a lower grade for each member.

Quizzes: We will often have a quiz right as class begins. Students who are tardy (for whatever reason) may not take the quiz—they will receive zero credit for that quiz. The quiz will usually consist of one to three questions from a previous lesson. If a student misses a quiz for an excused absence, he/she may complete an additional assignment in lieu of the missed quiz, otherwise, he/she will receive a zero.Students may use their own handwritten notes during the quiz.I will drop the lowest quiz score at the end of each term.

Advisory Time: We will spend an average of ten minutes per day on Advisory Time. Helping struggling students understand is the ultimate goal of Advisory Time. Sometimes this will happen at the beginning of class, as we answer questions about an assignment. Sometimes it will happen at the end of class, as we work on an assignment and students are able to ask individual questions.

Tests: Please bring a #2 pencil on test day. You may use a calculator on tests; please remember to bring your own. If you do not bring a calculator, there may not be one available for you to use. Make sure you bring one with you. You may also use one 3 x 5 inch note card, with any information on it you would like, provided that you prepare it yourself, and it is handwritten. If you are absent on test day, you may make up the points by taking the retake version of the test. The test retake is available only for a period of one week, beginning one week after the normal test was given. Note that the retake version may only be taken once, so if you miss the test the first time around, you will not be able to retake the retake. If the absence was unexcused, you will receive a zero for the test. Tests will be graded and returned within 2 class periods.

Grades: Grades will be based on points earned divided by points possible. Letter grades will be assigned according to this percentage scale:

93.0 - 100.......A 83.0 - 86.9......B 73.0 - 76.9......C 63.0 - 66.9......D

90.0 - 92.9......A- 80.0 - 82.9......B- 70.0 - 72.9......C- 60.0 - 62.9......D-

87.0 - 89.9......B+ 77.0 - 79.9......C+ 67.0 - 69.9......D+ 0 - 59.9......F

Grading In Class: From time to time we may grade assignments or quizzes in class. Students may be required to grade or review the work of others, and have their work graded or reviewed by other students. I also use student aides to grade some work.

Cell Phones & iPods: Cell phones, iPods, tablets, or other personal electronic devices are permitted in the Physics classroom ONLY when authorized by Mr. Nair. Please ask if you are unsure when it is OK to use them. Any cell phone that I see or hear during lesson time will be confiscated. Texting or calling during class is NEVER permitted.

Materials: You will need the following with you each class period: a pen or pencil, a notebook or note paper and a scientific calculator. A good scientific calculator that does trig functions can be purchased for about $10. A graphing calculator is not required in this course, but may be used if you have one. (Most Mathcourses at LPHS require a graphing calculator, check with your math teacher.)

Attendance Policy Summary: You are expected to be on time, and come to class every day. Lone Peak High School has established an attendance policy to promote increased opportunities for learning and reduction in classroom interruptions. Below is a summary of student attendance expectations. Should a student go over established limits, he/she will lose credit in the class until the issue is resolved by attending Attendance School or a successful appeal to the administration. When students are absent, parents should contact the attendance office (763-7060) to verify the absence within 2 weeks of the absence. This is the only way to excuse it.

    • Students are allowed four (4) tardies per class each term. Excused or unexcused tardies count towards the total.
    • Students are allowed four (4) excused absences per class each term.
    • Students are not allowed any (0) un-excused absences or truancies each term.

Extra Credit: Students will have the opportunity to earn tickets during class. These tickets can be earned by participating in class discussions, giving meaningful responses, being on task during work time and participating in review games and activities. These tickets can be redeemed for extra credit points at the end of the term at a rate of 10 tickets for 1 point.. Tickets are non-transferable between students.

Homework Policy: Assignments are due at the start of class. We will be using the Online Homework System for many assignments. This can be accessed from a link on the class website. Online Homework will be due at the start of the next time we have class. Once the unit test has been given, you will no longer be able to submit assignments for a higher grade. Scores for assignments cannot be changed after test day, even if you are absent that day. Assignments will still be available online, for practice only, until the test retake time has expired.

Remind: I will be sending annoucemnets through Remind every so often. If you would like to reviece these annocements, text the number 81010 with the phrase "@nairphys#" where # is the period which you have class. (For example, a person who is taking physics B7 would text @nairphys7 to 81010). You may also send questions to me through remind as I check once a day.

Final Exam: We will have a comprehensive final exam during the last week of school. Questions for the final exam may be taken from anything that we covered during the entire year. If you do not take the final exam, you will not pass the course for fourth term. We are also required to take the Utah Criterion Referenced Test for Physics (state core exam) at some point in April or May.

Computers: The computers in the room are available for academic use only. You must have a signed Lone Peak High School Acceptable Use Policy / Computer Permission document on file in order to use the computers for any purpose.