Harvest Elementary Library

There have been some updates to SORA. Students will now use their ASD school email and universal password to log in.  If you have issues please check the FAQs page for detailed instructions. If you still have problems, let me know!

***Any holds, current check-outs, badges, etc. from the old system will disappear!***

Welcome Back!

We're so excited to have everyone back at school and back in the library. Just a few reminders for everyone as we get back into the swing of things.

Every class will have a scheduled library day each week. Sometimes things will get missed for special days, testing and so forth but we're also open after school to help accommodate kids who need to exchange books before their day.

Please remember to put your books in a safe place and return or renew them each week. Books that are lost, or damaged beyond repair will be expected to be paid for so we can make sure everyone gets their turn and we keep our library functioning.  (Water bottles and books do not mix and we lose MANY books each year to water damage!)

If you have questions about anything, always feel free to call or email me.

Happy reading! :)

Find and place holds for books available in our school library.

username: ASD school email key (everything that comes before the @ in their email address)

password: universal password

This is a great collection of e-books and audiobooks you can check-out and access from any device.

Harvest Elementary School

Student ID: ASD school email address

Password: universal password

UOL is a great research source. Here you'll find information on counties, states, countries, people, animals, newspapers, and more. There are also games, internet safety resources and other tools, just for you!

username: online

password: learning

An awesome catalog of animated ebooks!  

 *A huge thanks to American Fork public library system for sharing this resource with us!* (Check out the other resources on their page as well, though you may need a library card to access some of them.)

username: afl1

password: afl1