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You can look up books, put books on hold, and write reviews - all from your home computer!

username: student ID# (lexia number)

password: last name (no capital)

Need help with your project? Look no further! World Book has all the information you need!

To get the most out of it, make sure you log in!

Check with Mrs. V or your teacher for the login info!

Use UOL for another great research source! Access this to find great resources for researching counties, states, countries, people, animals, newspapers, and more. There's also a cool sound library, internet safety resources, and games for your preschool siblings.

Check with Mrs. V or your teacher for the login info!

Mrs. Valdivieso can be reached by email about log in questions, how to access SORA, World Book Online and any other library questions.


STEP 1Choose our library,from the drop down box.Deerfield Elementary SchoolSTEP 2Student ID: (lexia number)Last name: student's last nameSTEP 3Browse our selection of hundreds of e-books and audio books.STEP 4Select the book you want to read and check it out.STEP 5Read and Enjoy! The e-book or audio book will be returned automatically when it is due.


The Beehive Book Awards 2022 Nominees have been announced!

Follow the link below and see the 2022 nominations