Technology for Personalized Learning

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What is personalized learning?

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Here is an infographic about differentiated learning to get the conversation started.

How can technology can help personalize learning?

Pro Tip: Share links using QR Codes

If a resource does not have an app, save the website to the tablet for easy use.

And easy way to share links with students is to use QR codes. Copy a link into the QR Code Generator and save it as an image. You can print it or have students scan it on your phone or tablet.

QR Code Generator

To scan the QR code on an iPad or iPhone,

  1. Head to Settings > Camera and toggle Scan QR Codes if it’s not already on.
  2. Then, open the Camera app.
  3. Once the Camera app is open, swipe over until you get into the photo mode and ensure that you are using the back facing camera.
  4. Hold your phone up to the QR code in question, and then wait a few seconds.
  5. You’ll now get a notification up top, letting you know that the QR code has been successfully scanned. Tapping the notification will open the contents of the QR code, if possible. For example, if it was a link to a website, it will fire up Safari, or if it was an App Store link, it will open the App Store page for the app.

QR Scanner for Android

More about using QR Codes in education (Ted Video on YouTube)

Save a page (iPad)

Open the website in Safari and tap on the Save menu.

Choose Add to Home Screen.