Meet the Squad

Hi i'm Lilly and I'm new to sports squad. I love doing sport. My best sport is running.

Hi my name is Marius I am a member of Sports Squad. I like doing tennis, football, dodge ball, swimming and cross country.

Hi I'm Sidd. I am a part of Sports squad I love sports, my favourites are football, basketball and cricket. I've been in Sports squad for two years and I hope this year we will do well in everything we do.

Hello, I'm Hillary and I am a member of Sports squad. I love being in sports squad. It's an experience that you would want to enjoy. I love enjoying all the different sports that there is to do. I have taken part in lots competitions out of school. It's so fun!!!

My name is Om and I am a member of sports squad and my best sport is cricket. I am also good at swimming and other sports.

My name is Gabrielle and I am a member of Sports Squad. My favourite sport is football and I got chosen for the girls football team last year. I can't wait for another tournament.

Hi i'm Amelia and I am a member of sports squad my favorite sports are football, netball, cricket and running. I can't wait for more tournaments. I have taken part in a lot of tournaments.

My name is Paul I am a new member of Sports Squad my favourite sports are football, cricket and running. I am very happy to be in Sports Squad because I get to go to a lot of competitions.

Hi my name is Zane I am a member of Sport Squad. I will help you improve your PE skills I will help you do swimming, football, tennis, dodge ball, handball,cross country and running.