Speaking Engagements


Space & Satellite Sector in the Pacific Northwest

State of the Space Industrial Base Workshop - Seattle - June 2024

Space to Grow: Overview of the Space & Satellite Opportunity

Northwest I-90 Manufacturing Alliance - Couer d'Alene, ID - May 2024

Space to Grow: Satellites, Space Economy & the Future (Keynote)
NewSpace ShowSpace - Albuquerque - December 2023

Space to Grow: Overview of the Space & Satellite Sector
OneEastside Innovation Summit - November 2023

Orbits & Megabits: Data, Communications & the Commercial Space Race
Eclipse IP Futures Conference - Cary, NC - October 2023

What's Up in Space: The Grand Tour
Northeastern University Seattle - July 2023

Satellite City: Space in the Pacific Northwest
The Rainier Club - Seattle - June 2023

Space in the Pacific Northwest (National Security Edition)
Space Industrial Conference - Albuquerque - May 2023

Satellite City: Space in the Pacific Northwest (Keynote)
University of Washington Space Symposium - May 2023

What's Up in Space: The Grand Tour
Northeastern University Seattle - May 2023

Satellite City: The Space Economy in the Greater Seattle Area
Greater Seattle Partners  - May 2023

What's Up in Space: The Grand Tour
Pacific Northwest Aerospace & Defense Conference - April 2023

Space in the Pacific Northwest
Space Entrepreneurs - April 2023

Space in the Pacific Northwest (National Security Edition)
State of the Space Industrial Base Workshop - March 2023


Space Commercialization and National Security
IEEE Tech Talk - December 2022

Space Commercialization & The Fourth Domain
Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition
Supply Chain Opportunities Conference - December 2022

The Rest of the Story: Space Industry Overview
TechStars Startup Weekend Space - November 2022

Seattle Space Economy & Workforce
Introductory Talk & Panel Discussion
NewSpace Conference - August 2022

The New Space Race: Technology Enablers & Business Drivers

IEEE Seattle Tech Conference - June 2022

Space Supply Chain Update

Pacific Northwest Aerospace & Defense Conference - June 2022

The New Space Race: Seattle Edition

Guest Lecture at Northeastern University Seattle - May 2022

Collaborating to Build the Washington Space Sector

Sigma Design Seattle Space Industry Happy Hour - April 2022

Space Opportunities

PNDC Supply Chain Opportunities Conference - December 2021

Q&A with Stan Shull on the Washington Space Sector (Keynote)

UW Space Symposium - November 2021

The Washington State Space Ecosystem

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance - October 2021

Washington State Space Industry: Opportunities for Aerospace Suppliers

Aerospace Futures Alliance - July 2021

Space Suppliers: Insights from the Supply Chain (Moderator)

Inland Northwest Aerospace Coalition Conference - June 2021

Space is Open for Business: Seattle Edition (Panelist)

Space Entrepreneurs - May 2021

2020 & Earlier

Space Industry Overview: Opportunities & Challenges

Aerospace Futures Alliance - December 2020 

The Challenges of Space Entrepreneurship (Moderator)
UW Space Symposium - November 2020

The New Normal of NewSpace (Panelist)

Space Entrepreneurs - April 2020

Mission to Mars (Panelist)

MIT Enterprise Forum - February 2020

Bridging Academia, Industry and Government (Panelist)

UW Space Symposium - December 2019

M&A Workshop - How to Get Bought and Not Sold

Oregon Venture Fund - October 2019

Q&A with Washington Space CEOs (Moderator)

Aerospace Futures Alliance Annual Summit - October 2019

Space Industry Context & Trends: Bluesky Exercise

Washington State Space Coalition - March 2019

Washington State Space Strategy Session (Facilitator)

Washington State Space Coalition - January 2019

Finding Your Exit (Panelist)

Lane Powell Startup Seminar - December 2018

Bootstrapping Your Ecosystem: Leveraging Partnerships for Growth & Exit

Madrona Ventures - July 2018

OneEastside Innovation Summit 2023
Redmond, WA

Eclipse  IP Futures Conference 2023
Cary, NC

State of the Space Industrial Base 2023 Albuquerque

Northeastern University
Seattle - May 2022

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Defense Conference - June 2022

Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition   December 2021

NewSpace Conference
August 2022

AFA Washington State
Space Opportunities
July 2021

Washington State

Space Coalition

2019 Strategy Session


UW Space Policy & Research Center Symposium 2019

In the Press

Amazon Reveals Project Kuiper Satellites Using Laser Links

GeekWire - 12/14/2023

“Given that Kuiper is ramping up its mass production now to start full-scale deployment in 2024, this is a critical milestone,” Shull told GeekWire. 

The State of the Optical Communications Market

Via Satellite - 11/28/2023

“Just like we moved from dial up internet to fiber, [satellite optical communications] are inevitable. It's not a question of if it happens, it's just a question of when and how fast,” Shull says. 

Speakers: Space Sector Providing Thrust, Opportunity for Eastside Companies, Economy

425Business - 11/3/2023

"Large, legacy space and satellite players are merging with each other, and acquiring, partnering, or investing in space startups to address the disruptive competitive dynamic," Shull said.

Alliance Velocity: Paving the Way for Commercial Space Tech

Space Impulse - 10/31/2023

“[The space industry is] learning to do go-to-market partnerships or partnerships around innovation…there’s still a lot to do”, Shull states. “I created my consulting practice largely around helping companies either get into the space sector, or if they’re already in the space sector, to grow faster with a better strategy.” 

Reaching for the Stars

Welcome Magazine - 9/20/2023

Stan Shull, a seasoned space industry analyst, encapsulates the excitement, "It’s great to have Gravitics as part of our entrepreneurial space sector. Their StarMax module is huge, both in size and potential. Standing inside their spacious mockup gave me a glimpse into humanity’s exciting future in space.” 

Beyond the Clouds: Seattle is Now a 'Powerhouse' for Satellite Technology

Puget Sound Business Journal - 7/24/2023

The Seattle area has "the makings of a powerhouse when it comes to both national security space and the long-range exploration and development of space,” said aerospace expert Stan Shull.

NASA's Economic Impact Report Card for Washington State Highlights Blue Origin
Geekwire - 3/10/2023

The Seattle-area space economy "encompasses the entire end-to-end space and satellite value chain, from component manufacturing to satellites to rockets to space infrastructure and space communications and data services,” said Stan Shull.

Analyst: New SpaceX funding could mean more work for Redmond Starlink facility

Puget Sound Business Journal - 1/8/2023

[SpaceX Starlink's] "ramp-up in satellite size, capability, and

production volume could be quite significant for continued investment

and hiring here locally,” said Stan Shull.

Washington State Needs Space to Grow

by Stan Shull - Northwest Aerospace News - April/May 2022

"The Pacific Northwest space industry is uniquely entrepreneurial and spans every major sector of the space and satellite value chain."

Report: State's space industry has more than doubled in last 4 years

Puget Sound Business Journal - 2/24/2022

"Around 38% of satellites currently in operation come from Puget Sound manufacturers, according to aerospace analyst Stan Shull."

Washington state space economy more than doubles

SpaceNews - 2/22/2022

“Washington is poised to become a major global space hub,” said Stan Shull, principal of consulting firm Alliance Velocity. 

Blue Origin leases new warehouses in Kent, office space in Renton

Puget Sound Business Journal - 1/7/2022

"The count of open (Blue Origin) positions has risen dramatically since July, probably due to a combination of company growth and backfill," said Stan Shull, founder of Alliance Velocity, which tracks the space industry.

Seattle-based satellite company hits milestones with recent launches

Puget Sound Business Journal - 12/20/2021

“They clearly have embraced revisit rate as a key competitive advantage and something they intend to focus on as they build out and operate their satellite constellation,” Shull said. 

As Big Tech Grows in the Pandemic, Seattle Grows With It

New York Times - 10/12/2021

"We have the key pillars of the ecosystem: the companies, the universities, the skilled work force and a compelling place to live," Mr. Shull said.  "The [Seattle] region is poised for even more growth."

Puget Sound region emerging as a satellite capital amid shift to mass production

Puget Sound Business Journal - 9/4/2021

“Seattle is the most homegrown, entrepreneurial space ecosystem” that isn’t located near a NASA center or military space base, said Stan Shull, managing director of space advisory firm Alliance Velocity.

Building a robust space economy requires more partnerships by Stan Shull - SpaceNews - 9/22/2020

"Partnerships are the oxidizer for the space economy, and the companies who excel at partnering will rocket ahead of the pack."

Project Kuiper: Amazon Bets $10 Billion on the Future of Space Commerce

Data Center Frontier – 8/4/2020

“Amazon is a leader in cloud computing. Adding AWS Ground Station capabilities and now satellite broadband will drive more traffic and services for its core cloud computing business unit,” said space industry analyst and consultant Stan Shull. 

SpaceBuffs Profile: Stan Shull

Q&A with Stan Shull - Lift Magazine, Winter 2018

"I’m very enthusiastic about the new entrepreneurial space age. I believe private-sector innovation will accelerate space exploration and development."