Allegheny College Aikido Club

Spring 2024

Class Schedule:


Allegheny College Aikido Club (aka Allegheny College Aikikai) will resume practice for the Spring 2024 semester on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-8:30p in the Wise Center Dance Studio.




All campus community members are welcome to join and participate.  Off-campus visitors must contact the club for building access prior to scheduling a visit. 


Uniform / New Members:


Uniform is comfortable clothes (t-shirt, sweatpants, etc.) and either socks or be prepared to practice bare-footed (no shoes).  Please remove all watches, earrings, and other jewelry plus the contents of pockets for safety.


Please arrive a few minutes early to sign-in and receive instructions from senior club members on etiquette and safety protocols. New members will receive a free club t-shirt as uniform after their fourth practice.  


New members are welcome to join at any time throughout the semester.


Seminars / Off-Campus Training:


Seminars and off-campus training are TBD.


Mission Statement:


The Allegheny Aikido Club aims to provide a safe learning environment where students of all skill levels can practice the martial art of Aikido.


The Allegheny Aikido Club is a member of the United States Aikido Federation.

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