The Library 

sharon elementary School

 About the Library

"Whether or not you can see it, 

the Library is always here."

--Angelica Banks, Finding Serendipity

The mission of the Sharon Elementary School Library is to provide a loving, engaging, and welcoming environment that inspires children to be enthusiastic readers, creative thinkers, fearless explorers, and lifelong learners.

That which we encourage and expect students--and ourselves--to do is best embodied by the word TEAMWORK:

Think.  Empower.  Aspire.  Make.  Wonder.  Overcome.  Read.  Know.

We think critically; we empower each other; we aspire to greatness; we make amazing things and we make a difference; we wonder about the world and work wonders in it; we overcome challenges together; we read deeply and widely; and thus, we know more.

Library Policies & Procedures


 Who's that lady?

Mrs. F.-J. has been at Sharon Elementary since the 2018-2019 school year, and she loves it!  She also loves sharing her enthusiasm for reading and theater with kids.  She has been involved in education since 2002, and has taught first grade, second grade, and fourth grade.  She's also directed a drama club and coached a forensics team for fourth-eighth graders. 

When she's not librarianing or teaching, Mrs. F.-J. is most likely geeking out over something about Shakespeare, Harry Potter, or The Lord of the Rings, or perhaps talking excitedly about the latest great book she's read.  (Big surprise, right?  By the way, you can find some book recommendations from Mrs. F.-J. here.)  If she were a character in a book, she would be Hermione Granger...or maybe Eowyn!

Some of Mrs. F.-J.'s (other) favorite things include: the color blue; seeing Great Blue Herons fly overhead; hearing the sounds of ocean waves, church bells ringing, or her son Nicholas laughing; smelling her daughter Rose's famous Snickerdoodle cookies when they're fresh out of the oven; and the taste of green tea ice cream and Concord grapes (but not together).

Want to tell Mrs. F.-J. about a book you wish the library had?  Have a suggestion for a great read-aloud or activity?  Is there a question you'd like answered?  Well, then, head on over HERE...

The "Official" Bio

What to say?  I'm...a relatively newish (in my fourth year)  Bibliothecaria Rebellatrix ("librarian...because Book Wizard isn't an official job title") wending a way through the seven ages whilst geeking out over Shakespeare & sundry other stuff.  I am the quirky yet (somewhat) mild-mannered alter ego of Regina Libris.  I am rather like Hermione Granger and have "conjured" floating candles in our school library.  I’m an admirer of Eowyn and would place myself somewhere in the middle of the shieldmaiden-healer spectrum.  I am inimitable, I am an original, and yet I am totally #TeamHamilton (see what I did there?).  I'm a graduate of the the Longwood University School Librarianship program and an avid reader and lifelong learner (and, apparently, Mistress of the Obvious as well).  Any rumors regarding me having a crush on either Stephen Colbert or Chris Martin are completely...irrefutable.  That being acknowledged, I am the loyal consort of an unsung prince of Poland and very proud mother of a tornadic, talented, and talkative wunderkind girl and a happyhopper jollyjumper bouncyboy who has a memory like an elephant.

As you can probably tell, I am loquacious and would be right chuffed to chat about any of the above-referenced topics, and a deal more.  

What about YOU, though?  What’s your story, morning glory?