Joy is the Mission!

Musical Artisans, Moody Entertainment, Inspiring Stories.

Exciting escapades through various music styles and astounding genre tales from an ever curious jazz man's perspective with a sound foundation in blues, jazz and soul -- supported and accompanied by some of the grooviest cats in town. 

Together with his friends Jo "The Reverend" Leupold stages different kinds of distinctive entertainment by embracing jazz, blues, soul and even rock and pop tunes with witty story telling. Surprising audiences again and again. Joy is the mission!

Upcoming Events:

Silvester: 31. Dezember 2023

Jo Leupold & Big Belly Brothers Band

groovin' at

Quattro Music Club

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Jo Leupold & VBC
proudly performed at
Herby Dunkel's Songwriter Session:

Friday, September 8, 2023

Hadikgasse 62, A-1140 Wien

We had the pleasure to perform at the Vienna Sugar Blues Festival 2023 at Sargfabrik. It was a rare experience, since literally everybody in the audience kept dancing thru out most of the evening. That sparked us, the musicians enormously and created exceptional fun and joy for everyone in the ballroom. Also looking forward to contributing next year!

Carla K is a fresh new face on the scene of jazz singers. Her amazing voice immediately surprises even the most experienced music lovers. Despite her youth, Carla performs with unparalleled expression and passion. Embedded within the groove of Jo Leupold and a distinctive band with Alfred Wittmann (sax), Joe Schirl (bass), Martinus Bassus (bass) and Hari Kreuzer (drums) a unique sound unfolds to enthusiastic listeners.

2/3/2023: For the first time presenting Carla K on Danny Chicago's Show "Blues Garage" on Radio Orange FM 94.0: Hari Kreuzer (dr), Jo Leupold (voc & p), Carla K (voc), Joe Schirl (cb) and Danny Chicago (Host).

Listen here to the show: 

Jelly and Jo celebrate the Blues und other songs inspired by that archaic genre in a rarely seen passionate way. Their interpretations won't hardly leave anyone untouched. Don't miss this evening of utmost musical intimacy! Reservations: +43 664 9929 5373. Admission: Pay as you wish.

9.9.2022 im Louisiana Blues Pub Wien: Jelly Neuber (harp) und Jo Leupold (voc+p)
mit Matthias Schwarz (g), Manfred Unger (b), Sebastian Knütel (dr) sowie Special Guest Kornelija M. from Latvia (voc)  

Jo Leupold, piano & vocals

Gerd Schubert, harp & Christoph Suttner, drums

Joe Schirl, bass

Gerd Schubert, harp & Harald Mandler, guitar

Jo "Sax" Gruber, alto sax

Martin Harrer, bass

Jo Leupold, piano & vocals

Jo Leupold, piano & vocals, Joe Schirl, bass

Past Events:

13.8.2022 im Louisiana in Wien: Alfred Wittmann (sax), Alex Klomfar (perc), Jo Leupold (voc+p), Andi Pieber (b)


performing a special program with friends & guests:

"Blues Roots & Blue Songs

from Now and Then"

Saturday, 25/2/2022

Lousiana Blues Pub

IMPRINT: Jo Leupold | Eibesbrunnergasse 26, 1120 Vienna, AUSTRIA | | jo (a) leupold (.) live |  +43 664 246 2050
Photo credits: Klaus Prokop, Barbara Medwed, private