Utilizing Quantum and AI/ML methods towards optimization use cases in the energy, manufacturing and retail industries

Quantum Based Inventory Schedule Optimization for the Retail Industry

Inventory distortion is costing companies increasingly more money and conventional inventory management tools have failed to address this issue due to the complexity of the problem. Not only do the overstocks tie up capital unnecessarily (and result in decreased margins due to discounting), but the out-of-stocks represent sales that are lost to the competition. Both impact the bottom line, as well as customer perception and ability to respond to challenges


We harness quantum-hybrid algorithms to rapidly solve complex problems to find optimal solutions in inventory management.


AI Based Remote Sensing for the Energy Industry

Methane Leaks from a natural gas facility can be up to 3-4% of the total natural gas produced annually.  Continuously monitoring all facility locations and rapidly detecting leaks is an enormous problem. Continuous monitoring could prevent energy companies from paying heavy fines.



Storage and Transportation

Nasa Video shows what the Earth would look like if carbon emissions were visible

Methane causes 1 million premature deaths every year

Our Solution

1) Methane Leak Detection using AI

ZebraKet AI base technology pinpoints leaks and responds immediately. We also review sensor placement to ensure full coverage.

2) Optimal sensor data utilization from multi-layered remote sensor data

3) Optimal Sensor Placement

OGI Camera Placement Optimization using Quantum Computing

We can perform a gap analysis to determine ideal sensor placement for existing facilities, or conduct a new analysis for unmonitored areas.

4) Continuous Monitoring

Reduced maintenance cost

Saving on engineering costs

Shortening leak detection time by 96%

Automating scope 1,2 & 3 reports

Unique Value Proposition

Product Positioning

ZebraKet addresses all three competitive advantages.

Accelerator Partners

Next AI 

2023 Cohort

Venture Manager: Benjamin Chalier

Scientist in Residence:  Vishal Gupta

Mentors:  Helen Papachronis, Remi Dion

Quantum Startup Foundry 

PreTraqtion 2022

Creative Destruction Lab 

Quantum Stream 2021 Cohort

Venture Manager: Sam Kearney

Mentor: Alan Baratz, Hyuk-Jeen, Beric Farmer

ZebraKet is a Vector Institute Fast Lane member and participating in the Data Readiness and Model Development program

Executive Team

Alex Khan



25 Years of experience leading IT innovation. 

MBA Duke, MSME KSU, BSME Purdue. Author "Quantum Computing with Amazon Braket"

Ehsan Torabizadeh



Expert in GHG Emission Reduction, GRI and ESG reporting. 

Ph.D. in Sustainable Supply Chain UTM. Published in Cleaner Production Journal

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