Badges with Google Gamification


  1. Create a copy of the template
  2. Create some easy tasks in the first tab of the spreadsheet that students can level up quickly on
  3. Create some medium and hard tasks
  4. Review the badges on the badges tab. Tip to copy and paste the first few columns to the right to give yourself a badge library.
  5. Create a Google Drawing
  6. Use the File menu and choose "Page Setup"
  7. Change to 500 by 500 pixels
  8. Draw a circle by holding down the shift key
  9. Change the fill color with the paint can
  10. Change the border width to really thick
  11. Name this file TEMPLATE
  12. Use the File menu to make a copy
  13. Use the Insert menu to insert an image.
  14. Choose Search for image options and type in an object
  15. Change from "All types" to "Clip Art"
  16. Use the File menu to "Publish to the web"
  17. Publish and copy the publish link
  18. On the spreadsheet, on the badges tab, paste the URL to replace the preset badge URL's
  19. Go back to the template and make more badges. Repeat steps 12-18
  20. HIDE the badge, directions, and levels tabs
  21. Distribute the spreadsheet to students. Tip: Replace /edit with /copy to prompt a copy or just use Google Classroom to give each student their own copy.


Have 2 copies of the template and use =importrange() to have a master list of quests that update to the student version.